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6/27/2018 3:43 pm  #1

Seam Sealer

Hi all - I picked up a Eureka Bella Coola 4 early in the New Year, the price was right, and it will make a great family tent!

Does anyone seal the seams on their new tents?  If so, can you recommend a product?  I have had a MEC Tarn 3 for 17 years.  When I first bought it, we'd get drips from several spots and so I seam sealed it with "SeamGrip", which has worked amazingly well, as 14 years later, I still don't have any leaks!  The downside is that there are some pretty ugly looking silicone lines along the seams.  I am willing to fo this to our new tent in order to stay dry, but if there was a new or alternative product, I'd like to hear about it and your opinions on the matter.



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