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6/24/2018 9:14 am  #18

Re: How are the bugs!?

After returning from a week on and around the Galipos, I can say the bugs are abundant & biting but they're not as bad as I've seen in the past, or as described above in other areas of Algonquin - but that can often be the case - tons of bugs here, not so many there, and so on. We did need deet and head nets on portages, but never had to use bug jackets or setup the bug shelter - not bad for June.

However what was a bit of a shock was having all 4 biters around at once - I've never had the privilege of dodging mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies and horse flies all at once. That part kinda sucked - but overall it was a typical June trip as far as biting insects are concerned.


Yesterday 9:20 pm  #19

Re: How are the bugs!?

Any mid-July updates?


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