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6/01/2018 7:39 am  #18

Re: Unlostify Maps Are Now Available! =D

Very happy with the Kawartha highlands and the killarney maps. Kicking myself for not ordering the french river one too, next order soon.

I remember reading either here or on myccr that you were also going to release them on some avenza type platform...is that still in the works Jeff?

looking forward to the Algonquin.

I think you've outdone yourself on these maps. At first I didn't like the time markers but they're actually a big improvement as they are very easy to see and count. If you just open the map and look at it they obviously make no sense but as soon as you understand it....boom. Plus the trip versus plan maps...genius.

great job to you and Deki.



6/03/2018 9:16 pm  #19

Re: Unlostify Maps Are Now Available! =D

Woohoo! I'm glad!! :D

iOS/Android App - Yup, it's still in the works. Sorry for the delay - we were hoping to have it done earlier. The hope is that we'll have it for later this month

Times - Yea, there a bunch of benefits to the blocks in my mind:
-It's lottt easier to make adjustments if you're faster or slower, etc (since you can just change the number of blocks you count per hour rather than doing a bunch of multiplication)
-It's a lot faster and to add a bunch of them together (since our brains have evolved to be way more efficient at counting vs adding numbers)
-It's a lot easier to compare times at a glance (since longer times take are physically larger on the map)
-They're useful if you're wondering how long a segment of a route line will take (e.g. if you're wondering 'how long until the next portage?' mid-trip)

Haha, ironically enough the fact that they don't mean anything until you read the legend is, in our minds at least, a bonus.

It comes down to the fact that although the system is pretty darn simple, there are still some assumptions baked in - notably, your average portaging and padding speed, and the number of carries you do on each portage.

With preprinted times it's entirely possible for a brand new paddler to look at the times on the map and use them without any thought. Which would be... bad... 

(Yes, this has happened many, many times before unfortunately)

There's certainly a learning curve to them (at first I had the same reaction as you actually!), but hopefully it's fairly short and the benefits outweigh the few minutes it takes to learn the new system

Would love any additional feedback you might have on the Plan side in particular by the way! It's full of new ideas, and so getting a sense of what people like/don't like, find useful/don't find useful, find confusing, etc is always 

Thanks so much for your kind words!

I make canoeing maps! – Unlostify.com
(I'm working on a new Algonquin map for 2018 http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/smile.gif)

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