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4/30/2018 10:26 am  #18

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

Initially I was thinking Opeongo, but the waves aren't crashing on the shore.....

For some reason the photo isn't showing up for me any longer, but I'm wondering if you are on McCraney?


4/30/2018 10:29 am  #19

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

Yeah, the picture is missing?? I think something has gone wrong with the image hosting service. A lot of the old WIA pics are now missing

No not Welcome or McCraney

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4/30/2018 11:03 am  #20

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

Looks like Burntroot Lake to me


4/30/2018 12:57 pm  #21

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

Doesn't really look like it, but I'll toss La Muir out there for funzies.


4/30/2018 1:30 pm  #22

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

Edit since I can see the picture again:

Big Trout?

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4/30/2018 2:42 pm  #23

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

Lavielle ?


4/30/2018 2:54 pm  #24

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

Not Burntroot, laMuir, Big Trout, Lavielle or 404 File Not Found Lake.

Looking South East from this spot you would see this island


Ugh Cormorants

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4/30/2018 3:13 pm  #25

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

oops already guessed.
How about Dickson?

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4/30/2018 3:46 pm  #26

Re: Where in Algonquin 263

A couple of years ago, first week of May, It was a scary ride! Treater is up!

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