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2/01/2018 4:22 pm  #18

Re: Rod & Reel

Hey there!
I've done some and well, most of what others have done for my pole, which is ALWAYS in the canoe during my trips.
I've used telescopic but, on two separate trips my buddy had his bust, which ultimately equated to no more fishing for him.  Also, it also presented an awkward, not so easy place to put it, on his pack.  This meant if he wanted to throw the cover on, take it out during portages or on the water he was wrestling with the straps and clips.  Further, on portages, the line would often snag.  Which then leads me to my next point which I didn't see brought up.
At first, while having my rod under the gunwale's and your reel in the pack (much like my friend would do with the telescopic eventually), it's not quick and easy to get out.  He also had issues with the catch bending due to pressure and things just being what they are in your pack... STUFFED.
So, this year, I saw a fairly novel idea, the soft carrying case while strapping it under the gunwale.
I've tested it close to home and I think it just may be the winning solution.
For tackle - I always keep a small case in the front pockets of my PFD (4 or 5 of my favourite lures) while having a similar set up to you with the 4x7 box.
Good luck!  Oh and Sail has the case I picked up.


2/10/2018 11:48 am  #19

Re: Rod & Reel

I've always just strapped my 2-piece rod with the reel attached to the side of my backpack during the portages. I can put it together really quick and back to fishing when I hit the lake. Never had an issue with this setup SO FAR. 

I keep a back up (telescopic) rod and reel in the backpack. Just in case! 

I've got a cheap rod ($50) and a cheap reel ($70). I won't be too upset if they get damaged on the portage. 

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2/10/2018 11:54 am  #20

Re: Rod & Reel

Rod and reel is always strapped to thwart and yoke in canoe using flexible tie downs when portaging. Telescopic rod in backpack for back-up.  Easy peasy.


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