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1/20/2018 6:37 pm  #18

Re: Portable Solar Chargers

That's good feedback on the Anker's. Thanks


2/06/2018 12:43 pm  #19

Re: Portable Solar Chargers

Peek wrote:

I know you got the the 26800, I was relating my experience that I only got 55% if advertised capacity from 3rd parties. So if that were true for you also, it's 14740 out of 26800. The reason I brought up the 20100 by Anker is I get 90% (18000, ever after 2 years of solid use) which is why I said the smaller capacity on paper might actually hold more than the 26800.

Also I forgot to mention - for some silly reason those little voltage meters do not come with instructions, not that they're overly complicated but I found a pdf document that some dude made which explains the system pretty well. If you want me to send it to ya just PM me with your email and I'll attach the PDF on reply.

Sent you a PM. 

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