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1/05/2018 8:30 am  #18

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

breed85 wrote:

I haven't paddled the lower section of the Tim past Rosebary, only from Rosebary to Tim lake (both ways). Is there more current on the Tim past Rosebary? The current from Rosebary to Tim was hardly noticeable when I was there this past July.

I paddled the Tim from Rosebary to the Shah portage this past July. No significant current, no, although there was enough of a 'pull' in places that I think I commented somewhere in my trip video that I was happy to be going downstream. Water levels were very high though so I think normally the current would be even less.

If you want to see what that part of the Tim looked like in July, here's a timestamped link to the section of my trip video that has a 'paddle montage' down it. It starts right after the 230m portage into the Tim from Longer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9qLvRcFTsI&t=266

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1/05/2018 9:13 am  #19

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

Wouldn't recommend the McGarvey-bonnechere suggestion earlier. Those are short days.

I don't think you said anything about solitude, but could be wrong. If that's the case, the big trout loop is a classic. The first few lakes are busier, but getting to big trout and beyond is worth it. Plus, limiting yourself to highway 60 and not expecting neighbors can be wishful thinking.

I personally would go for your Option 3. Once you're passed opeongo, you have so many route options ahead of you. Have fun!


1/05/2018 10:10 am  #20

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

breed85 wrote:

Wanted to know your opinions on the following routes.
Are we being too ambitious?

Your biggest issues with #1 and #2 are that both are dependent on getting bookings on single campsite lakes in July, which may be challenging. Rosebary is a popular and easy to reach lake so will be busy as well. 

I like your Opeongo loops, but to me it's a shame that you're all going to see Big Trout for the first time and just... paddle right through it. It's one of the gems of the park with many fantastic sites, and it would be a shame not to spend a night there. I'd push straight to Big Trout on day 1 (Happy Isle - Merchant - Big Trout) which granted may take away some moose sighting opportunities along Otterslide Creek, but Big Trout is gorgeous enough to justify it. 

That shortens your next days which may or not be a plus in your mind. If you want to get super ambitious, I'd get an early early start out of Big Trout and push all the way to Catfish. That's 8+ hours according to Jeff's Map but the Perley/Petawawa stretch will give you your wildlife viewing opportunities back (I've seen moose and even a wolf along it) with the added bonus that Catfish is also a gorgeous, gorgeous lake. Then Catfish to Big Crow, and there you go. 


1/05/2018 10:20 am  #21

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

we were wind bound for 1.5 days one time on big crow .. .even the rangers at the ranger cabin (where we pitched our tent) would not go out in their boat ...

with a tight timeline I'd be leaning toward smaller lakes and a river ...  


1/05/2018 10:48 am  #22

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

Yes, my trip suggestion would be impossible if you get windy days. On one of my few canoe-based trips in the park we were literally pushed across Big Crow in wind and waves. I had to rig a tarp vertically as a wind break just to get a fire going. 


1/05/2018 3:20 pm  #23

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

The current on the Tim downstream of Rosebary is more noticeable than upstream. It' totally manageable, but the difficulty depends on paddlers' skills.


1/07/2018 6:40 am  #24

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

Thanks for the great feedback. We are going with option 1.
We also have to change dates to the Canada Day long weekend as I forgot the previous dates incorporated my daughters 5th Birthday and "the boss" wouldn't allow that 😁.

I'll be booking at first opportunity (January 29th).


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1/30/2018 7:39 am  #25

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

Option #1 (Mag --> Misty;  Misty --> Rosebary (up the Tim);  Rosebary --> David;  David --> Mag) is all booked up.
Perhaps I'll write my first trip report following this journey.
I appreciate all the feedback that has been left on this thread.
MUCH appreciated.


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2/28/2018 6:57 am  #26

Re: 4 Days - 3 Nights; Trip Recommendations

My favorite trip was Cedar to Luckless on night one via Petawawa. The site on Luckless is gorgeous and the lake is beautiful. Night two on Shangri La, as known, it's one of the most gorgeous sites in the park, and then final night by the Falls. The campsite isn't that great, but the Falls is beautiful. Portages are not bad and you get out there quickly. 


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