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12/22/2017 5:03 pm  #1

Crossing Algonquin in February

Saw this on Twitter the other day, looks like a really cool (and cold) adventure.



12/27/2017 3:23 pm  #2

Re: Crossing Algonquin in February

Something like this is my goal


2/16/2018 8:18 pm  #3

Re: Crossing Algonquin in February

The guys finished the crossing last week. They managed to travel 42km on the last day - impressive in any season, but this is a superhuman feat in the winter. Really impressive. I'm hoping they come out with some kind of a trip report. 



2/17/2018 9:04 am  #4

Re: Crossing Algonquin in February

Not sure about the other guys but Eric Batty is the brother of Canadian Olympic Moutainbiker Emily Batty . I'm sure he's ultra fit as are the other guys. Nonetheless a superhuman feat  for sure. Like walking in to the unknown  out there this time of year. Can't wait for full trip report.  I'm sure they had there share of cool experiences, bloopers and *** moments. Hot tent transient camping can't be easy not to mention traversing sketchy  ice conditions and deep snow. Not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. Here's  a link to fb page for some pictures and inreach  posts. 


Have really enjoyed this project.  hope there's more to come.


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