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8/08/2017 7:03 am  #1

This past weekends tornado

Was anyone up in the park on Friday for that tornado that rolled through Huntsville?

My lady and I had got onto mccraney at about 11am, we took the campsite on the north west of the island maybe halfway down the lake.    We got our tent all set up and tied up a rather nice little tarp system as the forecast called for some rain.....and rain it did.    The tornado that touched down around the fairy lake area in Huntsville headed straight for us.  This was the most instense storm I have ever endured in APP.   Trees falling around our camp site, crazy winds bending my tent back into itself, massive white curtains of water just whipping up the lake  visibility was cut down and we couldn't see the main land of the lake.......the amount of water that fell....man, in about 4-6 mins the storm had dumped so much water that my campsite was literally flooded, 3-4 inches of water all over my camp.  The fire pit had a lake around it.  There was so much water on the site it eroded a small river as it pooled and ran towards the lake.   My tent was literally floating (eureka el capitain, it stayed dry on the inside, no leaks 😎).    All in all it lasted about 10-15 mins before it was calmed down enough that I could asses the damage.   All I can say is wow. Never have I seen that much water accumulate so fast.    I have go pro footage of the storm coming in, hitting, leaving, and the aftermath.   I'll try to get it up on YouTube today for you guys all to see. 

Anyone else in the park for it?


8/08/2017 7:51 am  #2

Re: This past weekends tornado

Was supposed to head to Basin this past weekend but called it off last minute - park was too busy. Glad we did.

Glad you're okay Ken, that sounds like a less than ideal situation. Trees crashing all around the site would be instant uneasiness for me. That's when s**t gets real. 

Can't wait for the vid - glad you guys made it back in one piece.


8/08/2017 8:09 am  #3

Re: This past weekends tornado

We did a trip Sunday - Thursday (4 guys, taxi to Proulx, loop around to Happy Isle and taxi out), but one guy stayed behind to solo down Opeongo Thursday-Saturday. He made it out by Friday evening (decided to cut his trip short for some reason hehehe). We are meeting for a beer tomorrow night, I'll try to get him to post some pics.

Interestingly, there was a reasonable storm on Wednesday afternoon. We saw the lightning coming, and set up a tarp on the closest site. About an hour into the storm (while having tea under the tarp like civilized backcountry gentlemen), saw two canoes coming from the other side of the lake (Happy Isle)!! I thought they must have some kind of an emergency, with lightning all around and a massive storm. We left the comfort of our tea tarp and waved them to shore. They refused, said they really wanted to get to the portage. No emergency, just... wanted to keep going... They survived, but this kind of thing really makes you think about having some kind of a mandatory education course...

These are good pics of well-prepared campers creating great memories that will last a lifetime:


Would love the see the storm video!


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8/09/2017 7:01 am  #4

Re: This past weekends tornado

Glad to hear you made it out OK. Agree with Peek, never had trees crashing around me, that would be nerve wracking. Nice testimonial for the Eureka tent, too.

Good job with the tarp, Marko! I love that you guys had the skill to get off the water and enjoy the view with a hot drink under your shelter. Always bring a tarp and keep it handy.

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8/09/2017 9:56 am  #5

Re: This past weekends tornado

My wife, another couple and I were just on the 2nd last portages heading into Big Trout on the Otterslides when the first blast of the Storm decided to open the flood gates on Friday.  We waited a good hour under some thick trees/canoes for it to at least peter off a bit.
As we were about 25 minutes to our desired campsite the sheets of rain started but as we made our way closer and closer to the white trout/Big Trout narrows campsite the wind was whipping up significantly.  Glad we got there when we did.  Not 10 minutes later, after we set up the tarp and we all had our tents up the Wind nearly blew my wife, the tent and all our belongings into the water!  (Okay, it just bent the tent over and pulled a few of the pegs out but you get it).
The storm front for us lasted pretty well 24 hours.  The temps on Saturday dropped so low we could see our breath pretty well all day.
Still not the worst storm I've been in, but definitely put a damper on our layover day on Big Trout.

Still loved being there and hate being back at work.  It's also incredible to hear the rush of the rain coming while across a bay and a few trees coming down not far away!


8/09/2017 10:56 am  #6

Re: This past weekends tornado

JB wrote:

Still loved being there and hate being back at work.

You know you love Algonquin when you'd rather be in a shit-storm tornado than at work. And as insane as it may sound - I'd rather be there too!


8/09/2017 4:56 pm  #7

Re: This past weekends tornado

A stormy day in the park is always better then a sunny day at work.   

https://youtu.be/2nN1nFjZzOY   This is the link for storm video.  It's like 17 mins long,

At about 4:20 the real rain starts
5:15 is some good wind
5:30 you can see the water just start to flood under my tent (not the best location for set up, live and learn...again)
6:25 some more good wind
10:40 I pick up the camera for a quick panicked look around the site. 

Disclaimer - sorry about the language

Camera is looking west south west.  Almost directly into the wind

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8/10/2017 8:53 am  #8

Re: This past weekends tornado

Was supposed to head out with the family on the Friday but we cancelled and left Saturday instead. From what I'm reading it seems like we made the right call. No way I wanted to be on the water with the kids with those storms.


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