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7/20/2017 9:14 pm  #1

Gear Addictions?

Does anyone else feel they suffer from a type of gear addiction?  I've heard some folks talk about having multiple stoves, boats, tents, etc.  Mine is sleeping bags.  I seem to be able to justify each one of them to myself but I think that might just be to curb my buyers remorse!  What's your gear addiction and what do you have?

Here's my bag collection:

1.  Feathered Friends Snowy Owl (-60 down bag)
2.  Wiggys Hooded Antarctic Hunter (-60 synthetic bag)
3.  MEC Cygnet (fall/spring bag)
4.  Big Agnes Lost Ranger (fall/spring bag)
5.  Big Agnes Cross Mountain (summer bag)
6.  A myriad of cheap bags I've collected over the years


7/21/2017 8:09 am  #2

Re: Gear Addictions?

Mine is maps! I love maps. I have maps from lots of places that I have no immediate plans to visit. But, I feel like my long-term intentions justify the map purchases.

My husband has a boot problem. I think he has 3-4 pairs of hiking boots (not including winter boots). They are all different and he can explain to you with Much Conviction why they are all necessary and required. He'll even be able to explain to you why he really needs this new pair of boots because it's Very Different from anything else he has and will be Much Better for this Specific Activity. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png


7/21/2017 9:01 am  #3

Re: Gear Addictions?

I am a total gear junkie. Love to see what's new, research and then test it out in the bush.
If I had a favourite type of gear it may be kitchen gear / stoves but I'm always on the hunt for that 'game changer' in all areas of back country camping.
When it comes to buying new camping items my wife and I have a don't ask, don't tell type of arrangement.
@Steve E, bought a Western Mountaineering Bristlecone from MEC  this spring. I am no longer afraid of the cold...


7/28/2017 6:34 pm  #4

Re: Gear Addictions?

Yes. Definately. But I don't have one thing, it's more like death by multiples.

Have 2-3 of everything. But I can pin point it to:

First came 3 season gear to get me through everything, but I was hot in summer and cold in winter. Then came summer gear, mostly just because it was cheaper than winter gear. Last came winter gear as I could afford it after university.

Now it's all upgrades and kitchen stuff.


7/28/2017 7:22 pm  #5

Re: Gear Addictions?

When I walk out of MEC without having made a significant purchase I'm genuinely sad about it. I'll do a couple extra laps around the store trying to find something - anything - that would be an upgrade or an exciting new piece of gear I don't already own. But because I've bought, bought and re-bought almost everything as I learned what suited me, I'm at the point where I almost never find anything to buy anymore, because I'm super happy with all of my gear. It's a bit depressing to think all I'll ever do is buy the same thing when the current one wears out, but there's still the occasional surprise. The MSR Guardian purifier was the latest a couple of years ago - it was a total game changer for me.

But... I think I'm maybe only a couple of years away from buying a new kayak, and that's exciting. Of course it's only going to be the newer model of the one I already own (Delta 16), but still - new boat!


7/29/2017 7:41 am  #6

Re: Gear Addictions?

I have a serious obsession with tents, I get giddy going into Sail when they have aisles of tents set up.   My husband bought me a new one for Christmas and now if I even mention a tent being nice he gets all sad eyed and I feel guilty.  I did manage to talk him into letting me buy the kids a new tent this year...

I just did some mental calculations, we currently have 18 sleeping bags, plus I still have the two little ones the kids had before they outgrew them.  There are only 4 of us.

And pot sets....I love camping pots.


7/29/2017 11:31 am  #7

Re: Gear Addictions?

What a fun thread!
mine is maps and tents. I have an unquenchable urge to check out all camping gear, no outfitter store is safe, as I stop at all of them. And I love tents with large vestibules. So padling by campsites is great fun for me, I love to see how other campers are set up.
But I have to say maps are my main obsession. I've got more maps then I ever need, even from places I've never been to yet, but always wanted to go. And I keep them all. this really got obsessive when I bought a mapbook (years ago) with all of the coloured Algonquin maps by Jeff mcmurtrie ( jeffs maps).  At the time it cost me $25.00
Currently I think I've got most of the book copied and laminated as we take whatever pages needed with us that wAy. Keeps the book intact


7/31/2017 6:57 am  #8

Re: Gear Addictions?

Tents, tarps and sleeping bags. Thank God I married a frugal woman who keeps me out of debt. Bear in mind I am the only one in my family with a passion for camping. My wife isn't into it, so all the gear is for my own use.

Tents - At this time I only have two tents, an MSR Elixir 3 and a MEC Wanderer 2 and I like them both. Still looking for an affordable lightweight 2 man backpacking tent, but that will be tougher to get in through the front door. Added a Military sleep system bivy sack earlier this year, have not tried it out yet.
Tarps - MEC Guides tarp and RAB SIL Pancho, plus an all weather emergency blanket and a Princess auto oak cammo tarp. Looking to add a 16' x 16' for car camping and a larger lightweight one for use with my bivy.
Sleeping bags - MEC Aquila wide down and MEC Mirage synthetic. Time for a summer bag, I'll probably go with the military sleep system Patrol bag to match my bivy sack, then later add the -10C bag to complete the set.

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7/31/2017 1:15 pm  #9

Re: Gear Addictions?

Aside from addictions, anyone else get super attached to their gear?

I LOVE my sleeping bag. It makes me feel safe and warm.
Every time I put on my hiking boots, I feel like a million bucks; like I could go anywhere and do anything. This is despite the fact that they sometimes give my toes blisters.

I think I'll have a hard time replacing these items when the time comes. 


7/31/2017 1:23 pm  #10

Re: Gear Addictions?

I love my sleeping bag so much (Western Mountaineering Sycamore) that on the rare occasion I go car camping I refuse to take it, out of fear that someone will steal it from my tent while I'm elsewhere. It also gets an entire section of my (very limited) wardrobe space to itself whenever I'm not using it so I don't have to leave it compressed.

My tent and my kayak are my other best friends (MSR Hubba Hubba NX, Delta 16). The new guy to my inner circle is the MSR Guardian purifier, which I will use forever because a better pump filter can't possibly ever be invented. 


7/31/2017 1:37 pm  #11

Re: Gear Addictions?

Funny you say that Uppa I too worry that someone might take my Feathered Friends bag when car camping....

Is that MSR Guardian the one you are using in your video?

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7/31/2017 1:58 pm  #12

Re: Gear Addictions?

It is, and it's amazing. It has a crazy fast flow rate *and it automatically backflushes/cleans itself while pumping*. There are literally no cleaning instructions because you'll never have to.

(There are long-term storage instructions which involves filtering a couple liters of water with half a teaspoon of bleach in it).


8/02/2017 7:59 pm  #13

Re: Gear Addictions?

I own tents and shelters for any occasion: solo or two or three or four, with/without dogs, any season, canoe or car-based. Seven, from the 45-year-old André Jammet canvas tent my parents bought for their honeymoon trip, to the lightweight MSR Hubba Hubba.
Camping year-round means a sleeping bag for each temperature bracket, of course. So I have five on rotation as the months go by.
I love fishing pole. That's all I'm ready to say about that.
I am lucky to have many friends that also camp one way or the other, so I have a loyal base to buy my slightly-used-but-well-loved equipment as I try anything new that will make my days and nights out there more comfortable and lighter. So headlamps, sleeping pads, water filters and burners are coming in and going out on a regular base.


8/03/2017 6:57 am  #14

Re: Gear Addictions?

Great thread!
I have 3 pillows.  Two sleeping bags.  3 air mats.  And two pot and pan sets.
My obsession is more fishing related lol.  An insane amount of tackle.  8 open water rods.  6 ice fishing rods.  And i need every one!


8/03/2017 4:15 pm  #15

Re: Gear Addictions?

I'm a sucker for paddles. I literally have a few thousand dollars worth of them (mostly Badger). This includes the 3 we've found (Paddle In The Park Contest).


8/03/2017 6:39 pm  #16

Re: Gear Addictions?

Does 4 canoes, a sail boat, a row boat, 2 kayaks, and 3 aluminum boats (although only 2 have motors) and a windsurfer count as an addiction? 

I mean, I even sold an old kayak (bought it surplus after a Scout Jamboree in '86 for about $20 and got my money back almost 30 years later) and finally gave in and burned the worn out '62 Lakefield that was past being restored. 

So I'm not addicted to boats, right?  http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/cute.png

And it really isn't that hard to pick which stove to bring ...

And I've cut down on the flashlights/headlamps/lanterns & lights, really!

As for sleeping bags - I've only got one, but I think Scott has at least 4...but that's his problem. ;-)



8/03/2017 7:25 pm  #17

Re: Gear Addictions?

You people are all sick and need to seek immediate help !! :-)

Just sitting here considering buying a tent I have absolutely no justifiable need for.


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