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6/14/2017 12:30 pm  #1

Solar Charger

Anyone use a solar battery pack/charger that they'd recommend? I'm looking for something I can use to charge my phone or GoPro (both at the same time would be super) and that will ideally take a charge in a few hours.


6/14/2017 1:02 pm  #2

Re: Solar Charger

Have you considered something like this?

I know you said solar, but with 26,800mAh, maybe you don't need to recharge? I use it, and it works very well.


6/14/2017 2:13 pm  #3

Re: Solar Charger

Peek wrote:

Have you considered something like this?

I know you said solar, but with 26,800mAh, maybe you don't need to recharge? I use it, and it works very well.

Good point. I've actually got something similar, although I don't think it's got quite that capacity. I was thinking solar so I'd have something as a failsafe charger just in case, but if I just picked up a second one like that the odds of running out of juice would be pretty minimal. 

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6/14/2017 5:31 pm  #4

Re: Solar Charger

I've been happy with my Instapark 10W solar chargerthat I bought off Amazon in the winter of 2015 for ~$50 CDN.  I use it to charge my phone, ipod and battery pack.   I've only used it for two summers and it's not the lightest or highest capacity panel out there, but it's been good to me so far.  I'm also a fan of Outdoor Gearlab's review of portable solar panels.


6/15/2017 7:54 am  #5

Re: Solar Charger

I have something like what Peek posted (except about half the capacity) to charge my phone, kindle and headlamp. On the camera battery front my solution is "bring more batteries". 


6/16/2017 12:49 pm  #6

Re: Solar Charger

Hmm ok so it is not letting me post a link....says I need to have at least 2 post...I am sure I have posted here more than that...anyway 

I have the Coleman 7.5 watt folding solar charger.  You can go to the canadian tire website and search for it.

I have a large phone (Motorolla Nexus 6)  It has a 6 inch screen with 3220 mAh battery and in full sun it will take the same time to charge as it does from a pc at home.  From completely dead to fully charged in 3.5-4 hrs.

I also have a tablet that also takes the same time to charge in full sun as it does at home.  The only problem I have with it, is that it takes much longer if not in full sun.  It will still charge all of my devices, just not as quickly.  Also it goes on sale at CT for around $25-30 every summer.  I have now had it for 3 summers and it has been banged around, dropped and submerged in water.  It still works like a charm.


6/16/2017 1:25 pm  #7

Re: Solar Charger

Focus group of 1 but the conclusion I came to last year was that the power banks are so good now a solar charger is unnecessary.

The one I have ( similar to Peek's link) will charge my phone about 8 times I think. Something i would never need to do. More than enough power for a longer trip to recharge my phone once or twice, Gopro, headlamp etc.

I think mine runs about $30- $40 now and is 20,000 mAh if I'm not mistaken.

Plus  you don't need to worry about cloudy days.

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6/16/2017 4:44 pm  #8

Re: Solar Charger

I was in that focus group too! For lightweight backpacking up to a week I use a 6 000ma battery. For a 2 week canoe trip a 13 500ma battery. More than enough juice for anything I use. That and spare camera batteries.


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