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5/06/2017 5:44 am  #18

Re: Stuff or Roll?

I typically stuff when I'm camping. If I need to let it dry when I get home I'll probably roll it after that because its nice and easy in the basement.
When I stuff I stuff the fly in first, then I slide the poles/pegs in beside it (easier when the bag isn't full), then I stuff the tent body, then the ground sheet last. That way it's all in the perfect order for when I set it up next.



5/11/2017 2:28 pm  #19

Re: Stuff or Roll?

How have I never considered just stuffing the tent in it's bag!?! Maybe it's a hold-over from Girl Guides and old bulky tents where you had to roll it the Exact Right Way in order to get it to fit in the bag. 

I feel liberated from my rolling and I'm going to try stuffing on my upcoming trip. What a weird thing to be excited about..... perhaps this is proof that the winter has been too long and I need to get into a canoe already. 


5/12/2017 7:51 am  #20

Re: Stuff or Roll?

I am still using the same 2 man Eureka tent I bought in 1990 and it is in excellent condition still. And I have always just stuffed it into the sack.
Same goes for the sleeping bag!

Stuff it and go


5/12/2017 10:29 am  #21

Re: Stuff or Roll?

I never even considered stuffing it...but I think I'm going to stuff/compress next weekend. Seems like it could be such a space saver.


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