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4/25/2017 6:43 pm  #1

FS: GoPro Hero 3 Black with 12 batteries

If anyone's looking for a waterproof camera to film some backcountry adventures, I have a Hero 3 black edition I'm not using, complete with the waterproof casing, the skeleton door too if you want it (I never used it so may have to hunt it up), a dozen batteries, the charger for those batteries, the relevant cable(s), a mount or two, and if you want a memory card I'll throw one in there. 

Sorry I realize this is a somewhat lazy post but the upshot is I'll sell it for cheap, as long as it's to an AA member who registered before today. On kijiji they tend to go around the $300 mark, but I see one as low as $259, so I'll sell this for $200. And if you're interested and want the specifics of everything included first, then I'll dig everything up to give you the details.

Oh and if you promise to post up at least one trip report video that involves some footage from the GoPro, I'll knock another $25 off!


4/25/2017 6:47 pm  #2

Re: FS: GoPro Hero 3 Black with 12 batteries

I'll take it!


4/25/2017 7:01 pm  #3

Re: FS: GoPro Hero 3 Black with 12 batteries

Can't think of a person I'd rather sell it to!

Will message you.

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4/25/2017 7:32 pm  #4

Re: FS: GoPro Hero 3 Black with 12 batteries

Steal of a deal. If Martin changes his mind, let me know. 


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