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Earth Sciences » 408-year-old tree discovered in Algonquin Park’s unprotected logging » Today 3:45 pm

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  If you ever look at google maps and look at the park (satellite) there are roads every where. Crazy how many roads there are. Way before google maps my buddy worked with the bear guy in the park. He told about all of the roads they would go on. Who knew..... 

Equipment » Borrowing a Spot » Today 2:09 pm

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That is super helpful info! Thanks so much!

Catch-all Discussions » 2018 highlights » Today 12:44 pm

Thanks, Mehtye - that's very nice of you to say!

Equipment » Borrowing a Spot » Today 12:41 pm

Hi Claire - I used to rent them from a place in Florida called Satellite Phone Solutions.  As of two years ago they had the best price I could find, and I found the service to be very good.  They fell through once when a hurricane shut them down (excuses, excuses), so I had to buy one.  The problem in renting from them is timing - they'd be shipping to Canada, and predicting accurate delivery dates might be a little dicey. 

Spotify also rents them, but I think the issue is the same (predicting delivery time).

I just found a Canadian company that rents them, Avantura.  I don't know a thing about them, but that would overcome the delivery problem.

I wish I could offer you mine, I'd be very happy to send it up for you to borrow, but I don't know when I'll be tripping this coming summer.  We'll probably look at summer schedule fairly soon, and if that timeframe looks open I'll certainly drop you a line.

Here are the links:


Equipment » Borrowing a Spot » Today 12:16 pm

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Is there anywhere to rent Spot devices or is anyone interested in lending theirs for a fee?

We're heading on a 7 day trip in the Yukon the first week of August and want to have some assurance while in grizz country. 

I have seen satellite phone rentals but I'm wondering about Spot devices. 

If anyone has one that they won't be using that week and are willing to lend it for a fee, let me know!

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