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Trip Planning » Linda Lake campsites » Today 10:36 am

Hey Steve - I'm the one that submitted the campsite to the PCI, and I'm probably the one that convinced you to do your trip there (I love that lake!) lol

Anyways I've been there a couple times and have checked out every site (haven't been on land to the eastern site, but from the water it looks very nice). You should be going straight for the island and eastern, and if those are taken, then the south site.

Here's my trip report with more detail: http://www.myccr.com/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=45348

Equipment » Watch for Hikers » Today 9:57 am

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If you're going to bring your phone anyway for other reasons (camera), maybe you don't need a GPS watch but a power bank for your cell? Would be cheaper.

At the same time you can save power if you put your phone on airplane mode (and turn off wifi), lower the screen brightness, close all applications and only turn the camera and GPS on when you need it. I get 2-3 days out of my cell battery when I do that, 5 to 6 with my power bank and you can get more with a power bank that holds multiple charges.

Trip Planning » Linda Lake campsites » Today 9:52 am

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Based on recommendations from this forum, my wife, dog and myself will be making our first ever overnight canoe trip to Linda Lake next week. Initially we had the lake to ourselves as we were the only reservation for the lake. As of today there are 2 of 3 booked. On the off chance the island site is occupied, what are your choices for an alternate site? PCI has #1 the island site and #3 listed.  3 does not seem great, but I am sure it would do. Does anyone know what are 2 and 4 like?



Trip Planning » Permit Info for Newbies. » Today 9:40 am

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Spoke with the people at the permit office on Canoe lake while attending the 150 for 150 event June 25th. Initially I was asking about extending our trip by an extra day. First person said the system there would not allow her to do that, and I would need phone or do it online.  After the other person freed up, I spoke with her asking about an early departure and getting the permit early.  She wrote down my info and would pass it along to the people that would be on duty the evening before we are departing early so we could get our permit then.

Equipment » First Aid Kits » Today 7:54 am

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Awesome topic, really appreciate everyone comments.  It is for sure helping me on making my first aid kit as my trip is coming soon. 
Thanks Again

Fishing » PIKE IN OPEONGO??? » Today 6:10 am

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No published research on it, just anecdotal.  How about a pikenado?

Another option would be by turtles as they move from one water body to another.


Equipment » Watch for Hikers » Today 6:00 am

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No watch, no GPS, just a compass and map.  

You certainly don't TRULY NEED a GPS; you can use one if you want to carry the extra weight and if you cannot use a map and compass it would be a good idea to have something to navigate with.


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I will be on Sec for 8 nights......so........if you are in the area, drop in and pay a visit.  Look for my usual Canadian Flag and Nunavut Flag and a well decorated CANADA DAY site.  I hope to get a site on the RH shoreline from the access point.  Hopefully, the 3rd one up.

Trip Planning » who is backpacking this summer? » Yesterday 9:45 pm

My preferred routine is a Spring backpacking trip in late April or early May, before the bugs start. Then I'll lay low for June and July to avoid the worst of the bugs before reemerging to get a canoe trip in each of August, September and October.  I tend not to backpack during the hotter months preferring to wait until late September, October and, in more recent years, November.
This year I hope to redo the upper loop of the WUT and maybe the 2nd loop as well. That is the one section I have yet to try. 

Where Is This? » Where In Algonquin? #165 » Yesterday 7:41 pm

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Peek wrote:

It doesn't quite fit the scene, but last time I had to cross a broken bridge over a log jam it was P850 Potter to Groundhog?

None yet, but Peek's guess here is physically the closest so far...😄

Trip Planning » Water Fall » Yesterday 7:29 pm

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The eastern pines backpacking trail is what you're after. It leads you to high falls.

Ethics » Campsite Theft » Yesterday 7:22 pm

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It's crossed my mind before, but I've never been worried about it.

1. Who wants to add weight/gear to their trip?
2. You're in Canada. Good old friendly Canada where "sorry" is the second most used word behind "eh". And especially considering the type of people that go to the backcountry, unlike an urban city like Toronto. I don't think I've ever met 1 single unfriendly person in the backcountry.

But then again, I don't really have any expensive gear, so maybe I don't give it as much thought as other people.

RCSpartan wrote:

Curious, when and what lakes are people camping on this summer in the Park? Also, any cool new gear you plan on bringing in?

Clydegale in July. Bonnechere, Kirkwood, and Head in September. And Sunbeam, White Trout, Burntroot, Big Trout, Otterslide in either August or September. Of all those lakes, I've only camped on Head and Otterslide before (I've camped all around those areas, just never those specific lakes).

I'm also waiting for a custom paddle to arrive right now (my first paddle purchase), which I'm really excited about. Going to pick up a Bahco folding saw to try and up my wood game (I've never brought anything to process wood, I just try and collect larger twigs/branches). Picked up a new stainless steel cookset as well. Will probably get a cheap pair of binoculars or a monocular. And still deciding if I want to invest in a proper tent this year or push it off. It will probably be the most gear I've ever purchased in one single season lol.

Trip Planning » Water Fall » Yesterday 7:22 pm

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I over heard some ladies chatting one day about Algonquin Park hiking and they said there was a water fall that you could swim in?? I think it was on the East side. Does anyone know about this? Hoping to take my son there for a night or two of backpacking.

Trip Planning » who is backpacking this summer? » Yesterday 7:19 pm

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I am  

My teen wants to join me this time. I hear the bugs are horrendous though  

My friend came back from canoeing and her face was all covered in bites from no seeums!


Equipment » Watch for Hikers » Yesterday 7:17 pm

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Does anyone use a gps watch??  I have researched them and don't know if I truly need a GPS watch, I like the idea of the compass and Barometer built in. I used my cell phone the last time I was backpacking but the battery doesn't last long enough. Thanks!!!!

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