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Skills » How to not bust an ankle? » Today 10:52 am

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I went to clean up and oil the boots I bought last August yesterday and this is what I found :

Left side of the left-hand boot:

Right side of the left-hand boot:

Left side of the right-hand boot:

I contacted Merrel earlier and they are apparently going to re-imburse me if I buy new boots of similar value. I cannot beleive how low quality their product is, I wish I could switch to another brand and still have them reimburse me.

Skills » Bear bag » Yesterday 9:51 pm

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EddyTurn wrote:

Markus wrote:

You're not tricking any animal into believing there was just no food at that site.  Tying any food containment aparatus  to a tree at ground level seems much more inviting to the shorter pests that will hang around. The strap smell like your dinner, gorp, dishes etc.....  Perhaps that aparatus is in fact bear proof....  Hang your food.

This sounds reasonable. But observations do not support this theory.

​Another option is to hang a piece of dirty human clothing (used sock) 50 plus  yards upwind and downwind of your barrel, hanging food, tree strapped bag, etc etc.  That should keep big scary aggressive animals away. If it doesn't, I'd likely depart. 

​As for the observations portion, I don't need them. This system has been effective for me. I can get a look at a good steak by sticking my head in a cows ass, but I'd rather take the butcher's word for it. 

Trip Planning » Tom Tompson-Timberwolf-Misty Forks-White Trout-Sun Beam-Tom Tompson » Yesterday 6:06 pm

Thanks guys,

​Great trip reports, I've had the maps out and all of a sudden everything is up in the air, good thing about the last week of September is there's not rush. Me and a friend of mine did the loop around Opeongo-Big Crow-Lavieille-Dickson route in 2016 and we didn't see a soul except a few boats on Opeongo, plus we got to see this fella.

Equipment » Keeping Tarps Taut » Yesterday 5:27 pm

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Another vote for Dynaglide and its big brother Amsteel. 

If your tarp is made of sil-nylon, it will sag a bit as it gets damp or or wet. I just got a sil-poly tarp, and it didn't sag on me at all. 

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