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3/23/2017 9:21 am  #1

first aid kits, what you gots?

what do you carry with you tripping,, for a first aid kit?  what`s in your first aid kit? basic or more complicated with  must have items? 


3/23/2017 10:43 am  #2

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

I made my own kit, and carry it in a squishable waterproof bag.  In spite of the contents, it doesn't take up much room, and it weighs nothing. 
Moleskin, pre-cut
blister gel & burn dressing 1" x 2 1/4"
duct tape, about 5 yards
safety pins
tick remover
irrigation syringe
would closure strips, 1/4" x 4"
burn gel
stuff for 'rhoids....
bandaids 1" x 3"
bandaids, 2" x 4.5"
knuckle bandages
butterfly bandages
conforming gauze 2"
dressing gauze 3" x 3"
triangular bandage
antiseptic wipes
tape (1" x 10 yards)
"quick clot" - I didn't buy this, I just had it in the house.
finger splints - I just had a couple in the house.


3/23/2017 10:53 am  #3

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

A couple of most everything Dgdaddy  has, small sharp pointed scissors and a tension bandage for an ankle in case it gives out.


3/23/2017 11:08 am  #4

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

Wow that's allot! 
Mine is basic stuff, and I didn't even carry one for the first few years when I started to back country camp.

-emergency blanket
-antiseptic wipes
-sterile elastic bandage (which I assume is used like a tensor bandage but its much smaller?)

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3/23/2017 11:44 am  #5

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

This is by memory as I haven't really inventoried it in a while. And by "a while" I mean too long, so I think I'll go through it when I get home today.

Bandaids of various shapes and sizes. Lots of bandaids. 
Gauze pads, and a gauze roll or two as well
Wound closure strips
Folding scissors
Tick remover
Safety pins
Some sort of medical tape, I don't really remember what it is. 
A long tensor bandage. I've never needed it, but it has so many potential uses it seems worth bringing even though from a size perspective it's about the same as the rest of my first aid kit combined. 

ATVenture mentioned an emergency blanket. I don't carry one in my first aid kit, but on shoulder season trips I have one in a pocket of my PFD. 

What gets used on most trips: iodine and bandaids. I pick up minor scrapes like a magnet picks up iron filings. Most are so minor I'd probably ignore them if I were home, but letting any wound get infected while camping is a great way to take a lot of enjoyment out of the trip, so I care for them all. I went through a lot of gauze (and iodine and polysporin) on one trip keeping a badly cut big toe cleanly wrapped. Moleskin gets used from time to time - I portage in water shoes on bare feet, so the occasional foot abrasion makes an appearance.


3/23/2017 11:48 am  #6

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

A few years back on the Nip I managed to slip in the river and blow open one of my fingers, right above the webbing, you could see the sinew and fat etc.... I was sitting on shore having cleaned it up, with a bent sewing needle in my hand, just about to start butchering myself, when one of the lads said "do you have any glue?".  I just happened to have tossed some liquid bandage in my kit that year (nobody in my house would use it because of the sting).  3 days later we made it out to a hospital, after they removed all the glue (with vaseline), it had no infection and was sutured immediately....I remember looking at the doctor's teensy-weensy suture and thought of the darning needle I had originally planned on using....

.....Anyways, I now have a large bottle of liquid bandage in my kit.....


3/23/2017 7:39 pm  #7

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

Duct tape, clean(ish) shirt for compression, thermarest to sacrifice for a splint. 

Might have band-aid around somewhere and do keep meaning to add some Polysporin. 

InReach and/or cell phone if really serious and evac help is required. 

Acetaminophen, ibuprofen and Benadryl are all in the shaving kit. Yeah they count as first aid items too, but they are also 'normal' day to day items too. 



3/24/2017 8:28 am  #8

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

Kurt wrote:

.....Anyways, I now have a large bottle of liquid bandage in my kit.....

We always carry Super Glue in our first aid kit. It's just normal super glue from the hardware store and it works great for superficial cuts. It's my husband's preference over bandaids now. 



3/24/2017 4:59 pm  #9

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

I'm sold on the glue too and unfortunately I fully expect to use it many times in the future....


3/29/2017 7:04 am  #10

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

Sanitizing wipes
Gauze pads
Medical tape


3/29/2017 8:24 am  #11

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

Super effective multi-use first aid kit item: Sanitary Napkin.

Obviously it's nice to have if there are women on your trip who might need it. But, it is also an absorbent and large bandage should you need one. 


3/29/2017 11:15 pm  #12

Re: first aid kits, what you gots?

This topic seems to come up often around this time of year as folks start to get ready for the season. Always popular and a good time to review and replenish your kit. 

Here is a discussion from last spring that is worth a read as well. Includes some good advice from our resident Doc.


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