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3/07/2017 8:21 am  #1

Even MORE ruins Added!

Good morning Algonquin Adventures!!

I added two more ruins to TOURduPARK this morning:

The old canoe on Lauder Lake was a special find - I didn't know it was there and therefor I wasn't looking for it. This was one of the few ruins I discovered by accident, or simply by following my instincts when they tell me to keep looking. It sometimes pays off! (Which is how Peek-A-Boo Point on Wilkins Lake got its name - I made a ruin discovery there in 2013 that wasn't marked on ANY map, ever - on nothing more than a hunch)

Old Canoe, Lauder Lake

The Lumber Mill on Little Cauchon Lake is a neat area to explore, but it must be done in early spring. The clearing is now filled with alders and there isnt much left to see - but what is left would easily be concealed by summer foliage. Still worth stopping by take take a look if you're in the area. 

Lumber Mill, Little Cauchon Lake

Hope you guys like it!


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