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2/04/2017 9:03 am  #1


Just out of curiosity, how many of you fish barbless? Why have you made the decision that you have?

For those who do fish barbless, here are a few follow up questions:
Do you fish barbless when targeting all species of fish?
Do you fish barbless only when in Algonquin?
Do you put new hooks on all your lures, or squish the barb down with pliers?


2/04/2017 9:39 am  #2

Re: Barbless

I don't fish half as much as some others on this site, so I'm sure you'll get better input that what I have - but here's what I do.

Barb vs No Barb - depends on why I am fishing.

If I'm looking to secure a meal because I need it or planned for it - I will use a barbed hook.

If I am fishing for funzies with no intention or need to eat - I pinch the barbs, all barbs - no need for them on catch and release - it just destroys the fish's mouth and probably results in an early death - why put the fish through that if you're just going to toss it back.


2/04/2017 3:49 pm  #3

Re: Barbless

I have pinched all my barbs down.  If you've ever had a hook stuck in yourself, you would too. I don't think my catch and natural release rate is any worse than my buddy who doesn't fish barbless.


2/05/2017 10:11 pm  #4


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