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1/18/2017 11:29 am  #1

chaga tea anyone???

       has anyone had any experiences with chaga tea. this tea is made from a mushroom like fungi that grows on white/yellow birch trees. if i understand the process correctly, the proper way to harvest the fungus/mushroom is during the time that the sap is not in the tree, during prolong cold weather stretches of temps below 5 c. for over several weeks. knock a chunk off of the growth (leave some on the tree to continue growing for future use) then break up the chunk and heat into a tea brew.
     this tea is suppose to be extremely good for the body.  does anyone have any insight ? please do your own due diligence before make this drink.  i seek safe harbour.         cheers

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1/18/2017 3:28 pm  #2

Re: chaga tea anyone???

Never heard those rules for harvesting before but I have made and drank chaga tea a number of times.  Winter is the easiest time to find them so makes sense to harvest in the cold!

You want the deeper "flesh" of the growth which is a dark burnt orange colour. I use a little hammer and chisel to break off a chunk and scrape off the crumbly outer black part. Sources on how to brew are all over the map - some say boil it others say boiling ruins it.  I usually steep a little piece in boiled (but not boiling) water like any tea and drink hot or cold. You can keep the same chaga chips and steep several times before they lose potency.

Don't know if it's making me healthier but I enjoy the mild taste and foraging in general . Happy chaga hunting!


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Re: chaga tea anyone???

thank you for your help,,,,,, chaga on!!!

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