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12/31/2016 5:01 pm  #1

Snow shovelling and paddling a good match

I'm having a great time shovelling the snow here in Simcoe County this season.   The snowfall is so frequent my stamina has been on a steady incline.   As I heft a loaded shovel over a high bank I can't help think how similar the movement is to hefting a barrel up on my back.  I had a good chuckle too as I noticed a rather efficient flip of the shovel as I switched sides, a movement mastered through many miles of solo paddling.   I was having such a good time I almost busted out into dance as I listened to "Can't Stop the Feeling! (Justin Timberlake) followed by "Bat out of Hell" (Meatloaf) and "Rocky Balboa."   Now that would have been something to see. I just might do it too as it'll put a smile on my neighbours' faces.  Happy shovelling folks.


1/01/2017 8:36 am  #2

Re: Snow shovelling and paddling a good match

Lots of snow in Ottawa too and I am getting a triple shoveling workout this week as our neighbours and step-daughter are out of town.   I figure that if I haven't gotten a heart attack while carrying a 100lb load over a portage trail I'm not going to get one while shoveling!


1/02/2017 9:27 am  #3

Re: Snow shovelling and paddling a good match

A couple of years ago we had a snowstorm in Buffalo that dropped a ridiculous amount of snow over a two or three day period (Snowvember if you are into the catchy names the news comes up with for storms....).  I kept up with the driveway during the storm, but it was early season heavy wet stuff that the ancient and since retired snow blower couldn't hack.  Had to use the shovel a lot.  When we did the "final" digout, my wife and I were hard at it for some time, and it pretty much polished off my elbows.  The pain kind of comes and goes during the year depending on what I've been doing, but paddling can certainly agitate it.  We haven't had too much snow yet this year, and the elbows have been doing ok.  If we can stay away from Armageddon levels of snow......


1/02/2017 9:49 am  #4

Re: Snow shovelling and paddling a good match

Awesome picture!   If I shovelled that amount of snow I'd definitely have some injuries.  This season I jammed my shovel inadvertently into an ice chunk under a layer of light snow and reignited the slow burn in my right elbow.  It was a good reminder to focus on technique and the need for moderation if I wanted to take advantage of this snow. 

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