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10/07/2016 9:10 am  #1

Thanksgiving Menu

The weather is good so we're going to spend Thanksgiving on the water. My menu plan is below but I'm super curious, what are your favourite "special" or "holiday" camping meals.

Saturday Dinner:
Homemade, dehydrated Squash Soup with fresh Bannock

Thanksgiving Dinner:
Turkey Pot Pie
Apple "Pie" for dessert

I'm repurposing my chicken pot pie recipe for Turkey for a true Thanksgiving experience.
As for apple pie, this will be an experiment. Many years ago I had planned to make baked apples but forgot the tinfoil. Instead, I fried sliced apples in butter, covered in cinnamon brown sugar and instant oatmeal. Stirred it all together until melty and goo-y. I think I added a splash of whiskey at the end too. 

I'm going to try that again this trip! 

Happy Turkey Day!


10/07/2016 9:32 am  #2

Re: Thanksgiving Menu

One of our friends organizes a Thanksgiving canoe trip each year.  We'll be at Travers Lake this year.

She bakes cornbread using a firebox fueled with briquets and covered with foil.  There would be no way to roast an entire turkey so she brings pieces of turkey that can be roasted in a pan on the fire.  We also do potatoes and a vegetable on the fire.   Desert is a pumpkin pie made before the trip.


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