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8/13/2016 7:08 am  #1

my august vacation

I am heading in tomorrow on the trail at Rain Lake access.  5 night stay at Islet, Tern, Loft, Brown and Islet again.  I had a voice mail yesterday from Algonquin Park about the fire ban and to ensure that I bring a stove.  I've never received a call like that before but I guess I've never been in the park when there is a full ban.  Any comments about the sites at Tern and Loft would be helpful as I have not stayed at those lakes before.


8/13/2016 12:34 pm  #2

Re: my august vacation

Hi solosal,

I checked out the western site on Tern Lake back in June and I found it to be a fairly nice spot when it was warm and sunny. It's quite shallow for a ways in, and since the water levels are down, there's a bit more dry land leading to the water's edge. There's a also a rock point near the camp site that may be a nice place to hang out and perhaps cook meals (again, more accessible now due to the shallow conditions). I'm not sure how conducive to swimming the lake is. I haven't been by Loft Lake for a couple of years, but I stopped at the site closer to the trail which is a bit elevated from the lake with good water access. The other site (the northern one I think?) is by a sandy beach area and from what I understand is a great place to swim.

Hope this helps, and have a great trip!



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