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8/27/2015 7:52 am  #18

Re: Dehydrated meals

Just chopped up a 10lb pork loin this morning added some onions, dryrub spices, chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce and a can of Doctor pepper.  Put it in the crockpot to simmer all day. Then I can start the dehydrating process.


8/28/2015 4:53 pm  #19

Re: Dehydrated meals

Just put 9-trays of spicey pulled pork in the dehydrator. Only time will tell how it turns out. Getting ready for a backpacking trip and this will be a nice meal or two!!!!!!!!!!!

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8/28/2015 5:29 pm  #20

Re: Dehydrated meals

Pics!! :D



8/29/2015 8:36 am  #21

Re: Dehydrated meals

Here you go.  I use a Excalibur dehydrator

I ended up with 9 very large single servings


9/09/2015 3:38 pm  #22

Re: Dehydrated meals

I use an Excalibur dehydrator too. Best $300+ I've spent. I absolutely love it.

I most recently tried dehydrating homemade hummus. I made the hummus mix but omitted the oil. I spread it out on the paraflex sheet and it dried in no time. I then put the dried stuff through the food processor to make it a fine powder.

At camp I just added enought water until I had the right consistency and added the 2 tbsp of oil that the recipe called for.  What a treat!

In terms of how much water, I tried too hard when I took all of our dehydrated meals on the first trip. I just keep adding and tasting. Sometimes it can look like you've added enough water, but when you taste it (pasta sauce for example) it's very concentrated. Just keep adding water until it's right.

Happy dehydrating!

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9/09/2015 3:57 pm  #23

Re: Dehydrated meals

We made the chili from here and it was delicious in Algonquin this past weekend.

We actually ended up adding more tomatoes than it called for; we put a whole can in instead of the 5/8 of a can it called for. This, combined with my low-powered, kijiji-bought dehydrator meant it took nearly 24 hours to fully dry (I had to keep rotating the trays as it doesn't vent all trays efficiently).

But! All was well in the end as it made the BEST dinner. I didn't pay too close attention to how much liquid I dehydrated out so I just guessed at the rehydration. We made sure the water covered the dehydrated chili in the pot and added a bit more as it cooked. We cooked it slowly above the coals of a low fire. 

Highly recommended. 

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9/09/2015 7:47 pm  #24

Re: Dehydrated meals

That sight has some great ideas for meals. I've used them on other trips.


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