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7/15/2016 10:15 pm  #1

my july vacation

I am heading in this weekend for a three night stay on Eastern Pines.  I know that some will say its a day hike but why not prolong the pleasure of a hike.  Following that its back into hwy 60 for a night at Tea Lake Campground and a well deserved shower.  The last couple nights will be spent on Western Uplands at a couple of spots I haven't been.  All and all I hope it pleasurable.  I haven't been to Achray for years and saw it from a kayak. 


7/17/2016 9:14 am  #2

Re: my july vacation

I be interested in hearing about the Easter Pines.  I've never been there as it's on the far side of the park from me. Hope you take a lot of pics. 


7/26/2016 8:22 pm  #3

Re: my july vacation

Dave, Achray is a seven or eight hour drive for me which was one of the reasons why I made it a longer backpacking trip.  The most interesting part for me was going through the boulder fields.  It was a bit of a tap dance to get through that section.  Stratton Lake was my favourite site and it had a cable for me to string up my food bag.  I'm not one to take pictures except for the sites.  I didn't go down the famous water slide at High Falls because I was by myself but I saw others having a great time there.  I only saw one other person on the trail which added to the solo feeling for me.  I'd recommend it for that aspect for sure but not if you are looking for a big physically demanding challenge.  It also gave me a chance to have lots of time to read and relax because the distance to cover each day was not that much.

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