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8/23/2015 1:31 pm  #1


Just got home from a great trip with my son, and as we pulled into the driveway realized I left a tacklebox at our campsite on Sec Lake.

If anyone is going, or knows somebody, or whatever method, I'd gladly pay $20 to anyone who could snag it, and I'll find a way to get to you to pick it up, or pay the shipping on top of the cash reward . . . I can name off 90% of the contents, never mind make and likely even model # of the box, had it for so long . . .

Aside from the obvious lure value, box was a birthday gift from my long since passed Grandfather, and it's a bummer to have anything negative attached to the first park trip with just the boy and I.

Please let me know if you are going, and I'll send you the campsite, and pretty much exact location where it was left.

I fear a busy lake it'll be gone in no time, but figured the AA forums were by far my best shot!!!

Mods not sure what forum to drop this in, please move if necessary



9/06/2015 10:42 am  #2


Contact the Park if you haven't already. Last year my brother & I lost a stuffsack when a group going the other way from a portage took it by mistake. It had some rain gear, our lunch and his new iPhone. We called the park and they had it. it was returned by the "felons" upon their return - less our ham and swiss sandwiches.


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