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5/24/2016 10:20 am  #1

New Recipes: Chicken Pot Pie and Cinnamon Buns!

I tried some new recipes this past weekend and they were so good I had to share! See below for a Chicken Pot Pie and a Cinnamon Bun recipe

Chicken Pot Pie

At Home:
1. Prepare your favourite chicken pot pie recipe sans chicken or pie. How I do it: Fry onions, carrots, celery and garlic in butter until soft. Mix in flour. Add chicken broth and continue to cook until appropriate consistency. 
2. Dehydrate your chicken-less "stew" and store in zip top bag (I did this months in advance and stored in the freezer).
3. BBQ or bake chicken to your liking. Cut up in small pieces and freeze.
4. Prepare bannock. I like Peek’s recipe ( plus a little bit of rosemary to the dry ingredients. I increased Peek’s ratios by 1/3 and it made one small piece for 4 people (see pic).  
With this set up you are packing: one zip top with the “stew”, one zip top with the frozen pre-cooked chicken chicken (this meal should only be eaten on night 1) and one zip top with the bannock dry ingredients.
At Camp:
1. Re-hydrate your “stew” and start to heat over the fire. It will look weird at first. Once it appears somewhat dehydrated, add chicken and continue cooking until fully rehydrated and hot.
2. Make bannock and cook over the fire. I cook mine in a frying pan and flip half way through when it’s browned sufficiently. I try to keep it to the side of the fire so it’s not on direct heat.
3. Garnish with a pine needle (cause you’re fancy and you deserve it) and serve!
Cinnamon Buns!
At home:
1. Prepare Peek’s bannock (see link above). I added some cinnamon to this pack of bannock and also increased ratios by 1/3 to make 6 small cinnamon buns.
2. Prepare ½ cup (ish) of brown sugar with 1 tbps (ish) of cinnamon and store in zip top bag.
3. Pack some icing sugar in a zip top bag
4. Pack some butter (if its not going to be too hot on your trip), clarified butter or oil substitute of choice (but butter is best, obviously)
5. Pack a small zip top bag of extra flour.
This sounds like a lot of packaging. But I put all the bags into one zip top  bag and it stored nicely. I’ll wash and reuse the bags for the next trip if I can.
At camp:
1. Prepare the bannock. Add a bit of water and squish around in the bag. Once the dough gets shaggy looking and most of the flour is incorporated, use the extra flour you bought to flour your hands and a clean paddle. Kneed the dough until it’s all incorporated and easily rolls into a smooth ball on the paddle. Flatten the dough into a rectangular shape on the paddle (you may need to re-flour the paddle a few times in this process).

2. Melt butter over the fire in the pan you’re planning to cook the cinnamon rolls in (gets you melted butter and greases your pan!).
3. Spoon some melted butter onto your dough. Put cinnamon sugar mix right onto butter and put some more butter on top of the cinnamon sugar. You want the cinnamon sugar to be pretty thick on your dough.
4. Roll up your dough into a log. Cut into 6 pieces and place in pre-buttered pan.

5. Cook on fire away from direct flame and flip half way through.
6. While cooking, spoon some hot water into a mug containing the icing sugar. Use a spoon, don’t pour from the pot or else you may get too much. Mix icing sugar until it’s a glaze consistency.
7. Drizzle icing over buns and serve to eager friends!


5/24/2016 11:52 am  #2

Re: New Recipes: Chicken Pot Pie and Cinnamon Buns!

Those cinnamon buns look amazing!


6/19/2016 12:48 pm  #3

Re: New Recipes: Chicken Pot Pie and Cinnamon Buns!

Holy crap! Please post when you are planning to be in the park so we can all crash your campsite and steal your food! Awesome!


8/22/2016 1:39 pm  #4

Re: New Recipes: Chicken Pot Pie and Cinnamon Buns!

Cinnamon Bun Update: 

I tried this recipe again and successfully increased to quantities for 8. 

Tips I learned:
* Use tin foil to cover the top to aid in the baking. I still needed to flip the buns to avoid burning the bottoms (and I wasn't entirely successful)
* Next time, I'll try to use moist parchment paper on the bottom of the pan to aid in the baking and maybe eliminate the need to flip the buns (and risk dropping them while flipping them; which didn't happen at all, no sirree). 
*Bringing extra flour for your hands and the paddle is absolutely critical! 
*Sand is very effective at scrubbing the dough off your hands after you've stretched out the dough.

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