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5/07/2016 8:16 am  #18

Re: Night Sky Photography

Oh and since I'm using a dslr, I also use mirror lockup


5/07/2016 8:37 am  #19

Re: Night Sky Photography

ZenSoloist wrote:

I use the two or ten second delay and a shutter release of I remember to bring it

For some reason I never thought of that before I bought the remote! haha When I tried the remote yesterday I realised the camera had to be set to 10sec delay for the remote to work anyways, then I had an epic fail moment. :-P


5/07/2016 3:48 pm  #20

Re: Night Sky Photography

I do use a remote as I think they work better, but as Zen said, setting your timer works well too.  Where you will run into issues using just the timer is if you want to take multiple 30 second exposures (for example) and stitch them using something like Starstax.  I prefer taking multiple 30 second exposures as opposed to one super long one if I'm doing star trail shots.  It would be very hard to do that using the timer on your camera as you would have too long of a delay in between shots and youd end up having little breaks in your star trails. But for single exposures, the timer works just fine!


5/31/2016 4:46 pm  #21

Re: Night Sky Photography

What a great post this is! Some great info and beautiful pics!  I hope to get reaquainted with my camera gear this summer, and am also planning on a trip to Algonquin for the first time in 20 or so years. Gonna study all the info here as I'd really like to try some astrophotography while there.  Great stuff, thanks for all the great info!


6/01/2016 9:08 am  #22

Re: Night Sky Photography

Glad you found some useful info Mike!   I think you'll find this forum full of helpful folks


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