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3/24/2016 11:51 am  #18

Re: Booked first trip!

No hatchet or axe - the saw is more than enough, and safer.


3/24/2016 6:23 pm  #19

Re: Booked first trip!

andrewr0520 wrote:

Would the hatchet be overkill? I would like to have a campfire, albeit a small one as it will be only for me. 

Even when I canoe I don't bring a hatchet or ax. You won't need it - there will be lots of good sized wood available for gathering. Bring your saw if you want but if you're looking to lighten up, you can leave it out and never miss it. I have a Sawvivor I occasionally bring along canoeing but never backpacking.


3/25/2016 10:18 am  #20

Re: Booked first trip!

Agreed that a hatchet is definitely not needed - there should be lots of good tinder/small branches and possibly birch bark from fallen trees not too far out from the campsites. I personally find a lightweight saw very handy vs. struggling with oversized pieces and/or trying to break up dead wood with my feet. Having said that, I do consider my saw as a 'luxury item' but I don't mind the extra weight for the convenience it affords. I also carry a couple of wetfire cubes in my emergency kit (see link below) and they have come in handy during a couple of very soggy trips. I find that shaving half a cube over wet tinder is enough to get things going...


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