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1/04/2024 6:14 pm  #1

Forum Help

Just answered a private message through the forum and trying to follow the conversation by flipping back and forth between sent and received messages is a royal pain.
I am sure there is a way to display messages in a tread type format but for the life of me I can not see where to change this.
Can someone tell me what I am missing.


1/29/2024 1:39 pm  #2

Re: Forum Help

Just another example of why this forum is so dead. Poor Rob submits a legitimate question 3 weeks ago and 269 people read it and not one person or Administrator takes the time to chime in and provide even a glimmer of hope that his question is even reaching anyone. This is the snooze forum

Rob, the answer to your question/concern is hidden far away deep into the bowels of the Administration, not literally of course...that would hurt. But rather than get all IT on you, let me simply add that the software is not conducive to linear private messaging like it is in the open forums.  I agree it's a pain in the butt. But since this forum is slower than molasses in February, it's a non issue for most of us. Hope I've provided some clarity, or at least let you know you're special and your opinion matters.

p.s. feel free to pm me some secret brookie spots, i won't complain or tell anyone


1/29/2024 1:57 pm  #3

Re: Forum Help

Swift Fifteen wrote:

p.s. feel free to pm me some secret brookie spots, i won't complain or tell anyone

check pms


1/29/2024 9:21 pm  #4

Re: Forum Help

My apologies for not catching your forum inquiry from weeks ago. Unfortunately this forum isn't very  "customizable". It's PM's cannot be organized into "conservation threads" like on a phone's messages.


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