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11/21/2023 11:20 am  #1

Moose population within Algonquin Park in decline, AOO concedes

The AOO establishes annual sustainable harvest targets for Algonquin harvesters for both moose and elk per WMU. These sustainable harvest targets are established with input from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and are based upon data that addresses wildlife conservation and the sustainability of wildlife populations. Harvest targets are reviewed annually along with moose population data from MNRF. In recent years, the moose population has declined in WMU 51 – Algonquin Provincial Park. As a result, the AOO lowered moose harvest targets in WMU 51.The AOO is the first and only Indigenous group in Canada that has voluntarily enacted these types of harvest management practices. The AOO are leaders at the national level with their commitment to maintaining self-sufficient wildlife populations that will enable future generations to continue practicing traditional ways of life.


11/21/2023 2:51 pm  #2

Re: Moose population within Algonquin Park in decline, AOO concedes

      what is the cause of the moose population decline???  climate change, poaching perhaps, brain worm from deer,  covid ? 
       looking at the target harvest numbers ,, they seem a tad bit high in some zones?  
       the bear populations are probably down as result of the low moose numbers??



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