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4/25/2023 2:44 pm  #1


4/25/2023 2:49 pm  #2

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

Now to wear out my refresh button regarding when the backcountry is going to open.  Gotta get rid of that yellow bar at the top!
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4/25/2023 3:09 pm  #3

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

Glad to hear the ice is out.  Not booked until May13th for a 9 day solo.  Nice to hear others will have a head start!


4/25/2023 4:36 pm  #4

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

Going in on the 5th for 8 days.


4/25/2023 4:37 pm  #5

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

I have a 12 day trip planned starting on May 12.


Been humping in Algonquin for over 40 years!

4/25/2023 7:14 pm  #6

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

Booking is open now.

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4/26/2023 8:04 am  #7

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

We're booked. :-) 


4/26/2023 8:28 am  #8

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

Heading into Ragged for 3 nights next week! Was supposed to go to Killarney but they cancelled (I'll have to wait to camp in OSA lake I guess). 

Excited to be back on the water! 


4/26/2023 8:37 am  #9

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

My first visit isn't until May 19 with my two boys, but thrilling to know she's open!  Stay safe and dry out there folks.


4/26/2023 11:11 am  #10

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

Going to keep my week-long trip on the 13th, but we're looking good!


4/27/2023 2:22 pm  #11

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

We head back in on the 19th for a week-long with a couple other buddies tagging along this time!

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4/27/2023 10:11 pm  #12

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

Ooh-Key Doh-Key , seems Pen lake is a reasonable  location for  an opener trip.

Hoping to cross bows with fellow AAers 
this May/Summer but until then for those 
heading in early,here’s wishing you all great
weather ,cool nights for sleeping and high
teen/low 20’s daytime tripping temps plus
dry portages. However I fear boots
might be handy for a few of them 🤔.

Ladtly , hoping the ingress wind is at our  backs and as well at our back on the egress 🤔

Lastly tight lines if fishing and clear sky’s if star gazing
and hoping the early  trippers  do pitch a  tarp because
camping  without a campfire ( even in the rain)  is just
not right somehow,
Please go  prepared for night time warmth and maybe
Campfire camaraderie  where campfire  tall tales  get
taller the later in the night they are repeated 😁

Planning is the boring part, the actual tripping is the fun part 🙂

Later trips ( likely Aug or Sept) I hope to do one final trip to a Big T likely starting from a Canoe L  as a nostalgic trip redo of  my very first Algonquin  interior trip .

Seems my brother has hung up his portaging days a while back
and seeing I am not much younger , each year will likely be a challenge for me  knowing  eventually my tripping days too will be done .. But still  hoping that quite a few more paddle strokes and portages in my remaking years or months of tripping are achieved 🤔


4/28/2023 12:58 pm  #13

Re: The Ice.... is OUT!

Thank you, Racoon, for your words of wisdom and inspiration. Hopefully, Bo will get some time to relax and regale those willing to listen with all of his strokes of experience while sitting around the campfire of a shoreline that will cherish him. I am off to #1 in the NW next week in search of the Call of the Wild and to see through the tea stained waters in case my tea leaves are ready to give in and spill the beans about what's next (not nearly as insightful as the Swede). All the best to those quick to the paddle. Be safe. 


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