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8/20/2015 11:13 am  #18

Re: Waterproof cameras for paddling?

I bring a  Fujifilm FinePix XP70
- Waterproof/Shockproof
- 16.4MP 5x Optical Zoom 

I would say you sacrifice a little quality for the waterproof feature but not too much over a good point and shoot.

I have an attached wristband on it as well that will keep it floating if I drop it in.

Some recent pics with it.



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8/23/2015 8:37 am  #19

Re: Waterproof cameras for paddling?

Something that will make these compact pocket cameras easier and more efficient to use is a handle... the Olympus TG-820 is only 4 x 2.5 inches, too small to operate easily so something to grab onto securely helps. the "Clic Stic Universal Camera Handle"...

I felt I could do better than that, smaller and lighter, and made my own from an old tripod head and some aluminum.

Camera plus grip is still compact enough to fit into a pocket for easy access, or the cord can be used for a neck strap... probably faster that way but plastic bag and pocket is fast enough for me.


8/29/2015 10:35 am  #20

Re: Waterproof cameras for paddling?

Classic recommendation for viewing... optimum viewing distance is 3X the diagonal (from reading elsewhere on the matter). IIRC... that kid who punched a hole in the $1.5 million flowers painting, way too close.


8/30/2015 7:24 am  #21

Re: Waterproof cameras for paddling?

I guess I tried the waterproof cameras but in a bobbing boat eagle and moose pictures are disappointing.  So I went with a relatively inexpensive bridge camera. A Canon Sx60.  I have gotten some excellent shots since then. Its a superzoom camera..IIRC essentially a fixed lens with the equivalent if the addition of extension tubes. It goes to 65X optical but I get best results from about 30 x.
I take a lot of wildlife photos and almost all of them are from a boat. The little cameras are hard to hold steady and I like Image stabilization..

RAW is an asset . Some Pand S cameras do have that now.


9/02/2015 3:18 pm  #22

Re: Waterproof cameras for paddling?

Post to bring up my count so I can post pics.


9/02/2015 3:19 pm  #23

Re: Waterproof cameras for paddling?

I shoot with a Nokia AW110 here - takes a bit of getting used to.  I haven't got the underwater shooting of moving objects down pat yet though I haven't give it a fair chance.  Friend shoots with an Olympus Tough and the pics turn out pretty good as well.

Here are some pics from my camera.


9/02/2015 6:42 pm  #24

Re: Waterproof cameras for paddling?

I've been thinking about this since I posted and... what you want out of a photograph may well influence what you use.

I have a perfectly functional Nikon AW 100 but I found that I like wildlife and that one gives me loon blobs. I don't shoot underwater. I need a decent zoom and the ability to shoot at least to 15 seconds to get a star shot. I aspire to star shots!  I dont believe I can do that with my Nikon.

But the AW 100 is perfecty decent for a waterproof point and shoot. Just remember to wipe off the lens. I can't tell  you how many pictures I have with a water blur.. So I have microfiber cloths everywhere.

Now, you are all wondering where are the photos.. Haven't figured out how to post them yet nor the image size.

Its tempting to take the little tiny camera on my later in the month first solo post chemo trip ( where I will reintroduce myself to portaging) but I think I better bring a lens that can take star shots. And a travel tripod


9/03/2015 11:37 am  #25

Re: Waterproof cameras for paddling?

I take my Dslr with me whenever I head out. If the waters are calm, it can stay out so I can grab shots when I see them. If it's windy and wavy, it stays in a dry bag, inside of a dry bag. I used to have a Canon 1Ds2 which I could shoot in the pouring rain, but as it was dated, it has been replaced with a Canon 6D. 

One last paddle by Zen, on Flickr


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