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12/31/2022 3:08 pm  #1

Historical Algonquin Park Maps

In keeping with Mark Rubino's wish that we feel free to mirror certain maps from his website to help reduce the load on his website's server, I've done so on this website's server at

Please note that I have downsized the map files so that they will download faster and take-up less space.

If you wish to access the original large versions, go to and click on "Vintage Algonquin Park Maps".


12/31/2022 4:35 pm  #2

Re: Historical Algonquin Park Maps

Diana and I also host a repository of historic Algonquin Park maps:

I believe our collection is a little more extensive but I haven't done a detailed comparison.  Our repository is basically a mirror of the collection formerly available at


1/01/2023 8:53 am  #3

Re: Historical Algonquin Park Maps

Thanks Bob. I'll be adding a link to your repository on the page I composed.

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