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9/26/2022 6:24 pm  #1

Classic gear, gas stove & lantern, external frame pack FREE

My Dad finally said this year that he is too old to go camping anymore, so it was a trigger to get rid of some stuff. I have some of his old classic gear (going back to the 70's) & probably have not been used in at least 20 years (other than the gas stove that I tested & was surprised it still works).  They are free if you want them, although you will need to pickup in east end of Toronto.  Probably not worth shipping & with butane also probably not legal.  Hoping someone might have some use for them, I think the old style Camping Gaz canisters are probably only still available in France/Europe. Free are:
1) External frame pack (approx 16"Wide x 27"high)
2) Butane gas mantle lamp, uses Camping Gaz butane canister. This is an old style canister in which the top of the canister is pierced so you cannot remove until empty.  The attached canister is empty. I cannot vouch for if this still works or seals the canister well.  The glass globe has a crack half way around.
3) Butane stove (uses Camping Gaz cylinder).  I was very surprised that the attached canister still has liquid butane & still works.
Of course with all of the above, you must assess proper use & safety of the items.


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