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8/18/2022 11:37 am  #1

Cedar Lake - Kish Kaduk sites

This may be a really dumb question as my first inclination is a definite no....but, at sites 28 and 29 on the PCI, I see there's remains of an old fire place and chimney still standing at both sites. If you were to camp at either, are the fireplaces usable? 


8/18/2022 1:06 pm  #2

Re: Cedar Lake - Kish Kaduk sites

On site 28 the fireplace is on the side of a steep hill and quite high in the air. even if you could get a fire lit in the fireplace you would not be able to enjoy it. And for site 29 the fireplace is in among a tangle of old logs and timbers and quite a ways back behind the campsite in the bush. You would not be able to have a fire here either. But the Old remains are still pretty cool to check out, there is also and old well and a root cellar at site 29 if you explore around enough.

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8/18/2022 1:10 pm  #3

Re: Cedar Lake - Kish Kaduk sites

If you skip to the 3 minute mark of my video here from a few years ago we explore the remains at Kish Kaduk.

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8/19/2022 8:34 am  #4

Re: Cedar Lake - Kish Kaduk sites

Thanks gang, I figured as much, but doesn't hurt to ask! I'm gonna settle in with my morning brew and watch your video Knox! Cheers!

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