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8/08/2022 12:48 pm  #1


Was speaking to one of the staff at the Opeongo ramp earlier this year and asked about whitefish catches in the park.  Apparently they closed whitefish fishing in the park due to decline in numbers - wondering if anyone's ever caught them reliably in the park (either lake whitefish or round whitefish).  Tough to search specifically for "whitefish" because all that comes up is "whitefish lake" 


8/08/2022 10:45 pm  #2

Re: Whitefish

i am not sure,,  but i believe that closed whitefish season is only on opeongo,, the rest of the park is good to go,, i believe that the closer is to help the laker population  rebound back on opie,, 
    get a fishing regs book and read up on zone 15,, also the red hydrographic booklet that the park sells at most access points. it contains 12 or so lakes (i can not remember the number ) but has the white fish lakes listed for those algonquin lakes are on a list,, white fish spawn late fall generally at first ice and that makes them tough to get,, again check the regs for algonquin in terms of when all fishing must stop,,
   in the spring when the suckers are spawning the whitefish will not be far behind,, munching on sucker roe.
     they have a small tender mouth and will not tolerate being horsed around when you catch them 
  no one really target whitefish and the number can be very good in many lakes,, that is if ya can find them,,
      frankie knew where to get them, we talked a bout whities many times at his home while sipping coffee,, 
    ling, burbot/ fresh water cod were discussed as well ,,,


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