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8/07/2022 5:11 pm  #18

Re: HELP FINDING E.G.B. blinker spoons,,

swedish pimple wrote:

gee,, two words for ya barb less,,, you left that out of my earlier message eh!!   how could you miss that??
     i just hung the phone up from the orris fishing academy in vermont,, the several people that i interviewed told me that there are no restrictions in vermont regarding the use of treble hooks,, and none that they could remember,, maybe on the new york side of lake champlain?? but you stated that you were fishing in VA. correct,, the only lake specific regulation was on noise pond ( stocked i believe) and the orris people did not know where the hell that is,, 
 vermont also allows you to keep 8 trout from streams, and rivers,, this means  8 total  of any  combo of brook trout, brown or rainbows,,  
    i am thinking that must be a robust fishery,, 
  8 ice fishing lines, allowed under general fishing regs,  15 lines allowed on lake Champlain, and 6 on the Connecticut river,, ,, each line shall not have more than 2 baited hooks or more than 3 artificial flies or more than 2 lures with out bait,,  that is just for starters,,
     2 lines allowed for open water fishing or 3 fly lines or two without baits,,  with treble hooks,, w.t.f. John
  paul brown game warden cell number  802 229 9191
   shall i contact the new hampshire  fish and game to get the facts,, is that the story that you are sticking to.
  please john post away but please do not look for trouble or shall i say treble???

Atta boy, Doug.  Take him to the mat and don't let up. Put your knee in his throat and make him


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