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5/30/2022 8:28 am  #1

Walleye (pickerel) Fishing Trip July/Aug

Any trippers/anglers interested in an upcoming adventure to target walleye this season. I'm planning a trip for a minimum 4 nights (you can join as long or short as you like) catch and cook around end of July/Aug.  I have an area and route in mind, but certainly flexible to accommodate alternative route or suggestions. I'm a solo tripper/angler and always interested in meeting up with other solo trippers, but anyone is welcome. I think 2-6 people would be perfect for camping accommodations.

If this sounds interesting, shoot me a message and we'll hammer out some loose plans to fry up a couple walleye fillets.


5/30/2022 8:30 am  #2

Re: Walleye (pickerel) Fishing Trip July/Aug

Mr Pimple? Get those hips and joints oiled up

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5/30/2022 9:20 pm  #3

Re: Walleye (pickerel) Fishing Trip July/Aug

yes i hear ya,,, cortisone is a wonderful thing,, and my tent is seam sealed again, l.o.l.
  i will be in kamloops playing hockey aug 20 for a week . canadian  senior summer games. going for da gold.
   let me know the date that you have in mind,, 
     perhaps inbox messages would be more appropriate,,  


5/31/2022 8:13 am  #4

Re: Walleye (pickerel) Fishing Trip July/Aug

I'm thinking anytime between July 25th to Aug 6th would be good for fishing, weather, and bugs. But once again, a few days earlier or a few days later is not an issue at all. I'll shoot you a message. FYI: I'd like to avoid an "AA Gathering" type trip . I'm simply looking for some chill anglers who have no reservations about killing and cooking fish (gasp!) and also avoid discussing how one person is more ethical than the other. "Ya dig?" - David Lee Roth

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