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5/12/2022 12:32 pm  #1

Fire Ban???

I see on the news that Muskoka has issued a full fire ban. Hopefully this doesn't prompt the park to do the same.

Has any one heard anything else about a possible fire ban in the park.

I will find out for sure first thing tomorrow morning, heading in for 5 days tomorrow.

I may have to make a dinner menu change!!!


5/12/2022 12:44 pm  #2

Re: Fire Ban???

Also heading in tomorrow, although just for the weekend. 

The park has a 'high forest fire rating' right now, but no ban as of yet.  Looks like some good precipitation Sat evening into Tuesday for most of the park, so I doubt they will go full ban.  Also hoping that doesn't change by tomorrow morning, but c'est la vie. 


5/13/2022 5:00 pm  #3

Re: Fire Ban???

Seen a few videos of water bombers going after a fire west of Joe Lake right now. Hope they get it under control quickly.


5/14/2022 3:28 pm  #4

Re: Fire Ban???

Just got back from 7 days and I can tell you I had to be VERY careful with my fires as the ground is almsot the driest Ive ever seen it... all of the needles etc from the fall/winter/spring around the campsites would go up like nothing


5/15/2022 8:23 pm  #5

Re: Fire Ban???

Waterbomber, Thank you!.. Friday night solo on Sunbeam. Big VERY low flying plane. I couldn't figure it out. Yes, crazy dry.
FYI, the South Island site on Sunbeam is obliterated. direct hit of a microburst / tornado last fall. 


5/16/2022 9:07 am  #6

Re: Fire Ban???

This website shows the status of the ongoing fires. Most of them look to be under control as of now.

Recent series on YouTube

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