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5/06/2022 10:27 am  #1

White Trout Fire Tower Trail

Hey All,

I was hoping to hike the Fire Tower Trail in the south end of White Trout, near the ranger cabin. From what I've read however, it seems the trail is no longer easily navigable and people have gotten lost on it? Does anybody know if the trail is worth trying? 


5/06/2022 3:41 pm  #2

Re: White Trout Fire Tower Trail

I haven’t been there in many years. I’m sure the spring is still behind the cabin for a cold drink but I would love some info on the trail too as I may end up there this summer.


5/07/2022 12:51 pm  #3

Re: White Trout Fire Tower Trail

I'll be camping on White Trout in about two weeks time.  I've got a rest day scheduled there.  I'm planning on trying to find the trail, I'll report back.


5/09/2022 6:08 am  #4

Re: White Trout Fire Tower Trail

I wouldn't rely upon the existence of the trail but if you are interested in visiting the old fire tower site, a compass or GPS and the knowledge of how to navigate should get you there.  If you don't have that knowledge, I wouldn't recommend attempting a nearly 2 km gradual uphill through the forest.  The false summit about 2/3's of the way there should be a good sign that you are on track.  The google map topo is better than Jeff's topo and there are others of greater detail available as well.

If you have navigation concerns, the Depot Farm remains are a safe and easy option with limited trekking.


5/09/2022 3:05 pm  #5

Re: White Trout Fire Tower Trail

Thanks, I appreciate the advice.  I've got no problems navigating using a Compass and/or a GPS, BUT....
I'd rather spend my time fishing than bush wacking.  I'll  have a look for it but if the goings gonna be tough, I'll break out the fishing gear instead.


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