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2/17/2022 7:51 am  #1

Kiosk Lake Feb 13-16

Back in APP winter backcountry after a 2-year hiatus. With extremely cold temps on Monday morning, we decided a hotel in Huntsville on Sunday night was a better choice.

We did a day trip to Minnesing and Canisbay Lake on Sunday. Temps around -20, colder as the sun went down. There were several recently-used backcountry winter sites at the start of Minnesing. We started on the trail, then bushwhacked across to Canisbay Lake.

Monday morning was -31. My 2012 Honda barely started, and the ABS/VSA decided to turn off. This is a known Honda issue, but it also disables the ability to open the side doors. Honda dealership wanted $135 to clear the error codes. The Internet said that I can use a paperclip to short-circuit the OEM reader and clear them. Was able to do this with a free paperclip from the Honda dealership, and without killing my car's ECU.

With this delay, we got to Kiosk by noon. We actually met some rangers who were going out on a snowmobile patril. The road is always plowed to the end of the Kiosk road, and usually all the way to the lake access. Great to know.

We set off east over Kiosk. The narrows under the CN rail bridge had open water as expected. Climbing up the railroad was a bit hard, but not a huge problem even with xc skiis. We found a lovely spot in the bush on the east side of the lake, even found a dead maple - what an incredible winter score, as it burns much longer than spruce or pine.

The next two days saw temps of -20ish to -5 by Wednesday morning and beautiful blue skies. Snow was dry and lakes free of slush. Pics below.



2/17/2022 1:00 pm  #2

Re: Kiosk Lake Feb 13-16

Looks like a beautiful few days. Thanks for sharing.


2/17/2022 4:53 pm  #3

Re: Kiosk Lake Feb 13-16

Every time I see a winter trip report I think "okay, it's time to get into winter camping!".

... and then I don't get into winter camping. Thanks for the writeup and the great pictures!


2/17/2022 6:34 pm  #4

Re: Kiosk Lake Feb 13-16

Woah. Nice. It's just started to snow in Toronto.


2/17/2022 7:28 pm  #5

Re: Kiosk Lake Feb 13-16

Uppa wrote:

Every time I see a winter trip report I think "okay, it's time to get into winter camping!".

Going across a remote lake on skiis when it's -20 is one of most unique experiences I've ever had in my life, it's like a flow state. I have recurring visions of these days throughout the year.

The park discourages on-ice travel for obvious reasons. And running water or even lake narrows are dangerous.

But... oh man. Open ice is... magical.

Even if you get out for a day trip or stay overnight in Huntsville I feel like it's really worth it.

Snow Walker's Companion is the bible for winter camping. If you have the means, Lure of the North is a husband/wife team that do traditional winter guided trips. well worth it. lovely people.

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2/18/2022 1:54 pm  #6

Re: Kiosk Lake Feb 13-16

I will second the comments about the Lure of the North.  Great people and a great business.  Kielyn was on one of the latest seasons of Alone as well.  Season 7 I believe.

Great read Marko, thanks for posting!

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