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1/20/2016 1:44 pm  #1

Night Video Recorder

Hi All,

Hope this is the right section for the post.  Just got back a couple of weeks ago from a Yurting trip and saw plenty of animal prints in the snow but no signs of the animal itself.  The only thing we saw were chipmunks and birds. 

Does anyone know of any affordable video device that can be set up at night on record so that we could catch these animals in action?



1/20/2016 9:21 pm  #2

Re: Night Video Recorder

Most trail camera now have video as well as stills.  I used my on the video setting for the first time and got lots of night video of bear, raccoon, martin and deer. They're probably on sale at outdoor stores like Cabelas right now.


1/21/2016 9:34 am  #3

Re: Night Video Recorder

Ya you can always find those on sale somewhere like Canadian Tire or TSC (

I have a cheapo one and it works good and has video with night vision.  The one thing I wish mine had was a shorter delay.  Mine is 5 seconds so it ends up missing a lot of things.


1/21/2016 1:37 pm  #4

Re: Night Video Recorder

Perfect!  Exactly what I need. 

Out of curiosity, where should we set up the recorder/recorders for best results?  Should it be pointed owards an open field, trees, the water perhaps?

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1/21/2016 1:54 pm  #5

Re: Night Video Recorder

I've found I've had the best luck when I set it up about 2 to 3 feet off the ground and aimed towards a choke point (a place where wildlife would naturally be funneled through).  Either that or somewhere along a noticeable animal path.  The times where I've left it just randomly pointed towards an open area I found I didn't have much luck.

Here's one I got this past December set up on a very obvious choke point and well worn animal path:

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1/21/2016 9:20 pm  #6

Re: Night Video Recorder

We should clarify that night video is very short range.  I don't think mine will trigger beyond about 20', and the cone of vision is less than that in width. 
The fun thing is that wildlife often investigate it so I have lots of video of bear snouts and claws as it tried to rip it off the tree every time it came by.


1/21/2016 9:23 pm  #7

Re: Night Video Recorder

Good point Shawn, mine is kind of the same.  I wonder if better/newer ones address this issue at all?

A fellow board member shared this video from a trail cam in Algonquin and I found it amazing!


1/22/2016 9:59 am  #8

Re: Night Video Recorder

That video was amazing!  Getting excited now for the next trip.  Thanks for sharing and for all the pointers

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1/25/2016 3:54 pm  #9

Re: Night Video Recorder

Steve that video was great!  What trail cam is that?


1/25/2016 4:05 pm  #10

Re: Night Video Recorder

I'm not sure someone had linked it on a previous post on this board and I thought it was awesome too!  I love the trail cam with the sound, that sure adds a nice touch eh?


1/25/2016 4:59 pm  #11

Re: Night Video Recorder

Yes the sounds are a nice touch.  My son was laughing me at the Bears sniffing. 

i've thought about purchasing a trail cam for the purpose of seeing what critters are around and about my site at night when I'm out cold.


6/03/2016 5:04 pm  #12

Re: Night Video Recorder

The links are great!


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