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7/13/2021 7:22 pm  #1


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Re: WiA 496

Shot in the dark...Louisa?
I swear, if this is an obscure view of Lav I'm going to quit.


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Re: WiA 496

Pen next to the Rock portage?


7/13/2021 10:55 pm  #4

Re: WiA 496

Well that was quick, ScratchyPants got it. 

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7/14/2021 4:25 am  #5

Re: WiA 496

Were you having a yard sale?

Spent our last night there Spring 2019. "Not nice" is the kindest description I can muster to describe the site's condition. Too bad because it had such an interesting layout.

Let's see what I can dig up for 497 - pickin's might be slim...


7/14/2021 9:31 am  #6

Re: WiA 496

That trip was my introduction to spring fishing in Algonquin. It was a blizzard when we set out from Rock Lake. The guys I was following, who had been doing the same trip for years, actually ended up on the wrong side of the islands on Rock. Normally we would have headed to the south end of Pen to camp, but with the weather we ended up camping at that first site on Pen. At least at that time it had a well sheltered spot for the fire pit, which was really nice given the weather that week. 

This picture was the morning after when guys were drying stuff out in the sun. 

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