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2/14/2021 6:58 am  #1

Delta Hiking Sleeping pad

Hey guys. Wondering if anyone has had experience  with these pads??
My wife bought as part of my birthday gift. I love how light and compact  it is. Probably 1/5 the packed size of my trusty thermarest.It  feels cheap, which was expected LOL! It does however feel decent to lay on and the pillow feature  has some good support. It's  a little more krinkly  sounding then I would like.  Very low R rating I'm  sure considering it's  fully air filled. No foam. I think website claims a R 4 but that is doubtfull. The air valve  seems to work good for now. Inflates quick (not self inflating)and deflates real quick. Easy to to roll up and I can get it back in its storage bag effortlessly.  Regardless of it's less than robust feel I can't wait to try it out. Interested if anyone had used these before. Cheers!

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