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1/05/2021 10:09 am  #1

Carajou Bay (Grand L) To Clover L & Back

Hi Folks,

Happy new year, hope everyone is well...  Doing some trip planning - Can someone kindly comment on water levels / navigability, currents, etc paddling from Carajou Bay (Grand L) to Clover L and back in spring and fall (unsure which time of year I could swing the trip)??

Thanks in advance! :-)


1/05/2021 11:27 am  #2

Re: Carajou Bay (Grand L) To Clover L & Back

If you're going to Clover, do it in the Spring. I'm told McDonald Creek can be unpaddleable by the fall, but my own experience of trying to get to Clover in August was that I simply couldn't find the 1950 meter portage into Turcotte. I mean I eventually found the start of it from the creek, and the first ~150 meters getting to the tree line was not fun, but then once into the forest I quickly lost the trail entirely. Eventually I gave up, but I was having an all-round lousy day and probably threw in the towel too easily. 

In any case I went back the following Spring (with AlgonquinLakes), and while staying on the portages was still a bit challenging at times, being there before the leaves were out made a world of difference. 

No current to speak of in McDonald creek, it's very sluggish. 


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