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9/24/2020 6:28 pm  #1

Status of portage between Cranebill L and Lily Pond L ?

A year ago, I was unable to find the portage entrance on Lily Pond L, heading north into Cranebill L (just west of McIntosh L, in the direction of AP 3 and 4).  On Jeff's Map, this portage is marked 2483m and black (poor maintenance).

There is quite a large beaver dam at the north/east tip of Lily Pond, we did not proceed past this point because there was no visible paddle path.  No portage sign was visible, and bushwhacking along the shoreline didn't reveal a visible trails.

This year, we'll try to find it at the north end on Cranebill L and see where we come out on Lily Pond L.

Has anyone been on this portage recently?



9/24/2020 7:18 pm  #2

Re: Status of portage between Cranebill L and Lily Pond L ?

I went from Lily Pond to Cranebill last fall, and was similarly confused by Jeff's map. I thought I could see what looked like a portage opening in the north east part of Lily Pond, but as I got closer I could clearly see a yellow portage sign on the opposite, ie north west, corner of Lily Pond. Warning: the portage entry takes you over about 25 meters of floating sedge and bog. Other canoers and/or Parks staff have laid some poles and small logs over the worst bits, but it's easy to find yourself hip deep in bog water (ask me how I know!). The portage to Cranebill itself was clear, and while long, was not difficult.


9/25/2020 8:20 am  #3

Re: Status of portage between Cranebill L and Lily Pond L ?

So if I understand you correctly-- Lily Pond L is "forked" at the north end, with a north-east and north-west arm.  Jeff's Map shows the portage out the north-east arm, while it is actually out the north-west arm.

Thank you very much!  Great to have the extra info about the portage condition.  Hip deep sounds fun... :-)


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