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7/30/2020 2:54 pm  #1

Prepackaged Tuna & Chicken

Wasn't sure if this falls under the 'equipment' category...

I can't seem to find any prepackaged chicken or tuna pouches.  Have tried Walmart, Fortinos, Food Basics and No Frills.  It seems as though the US grocery stores have a much bigger selection.  Does anyone know where to find them in Canada (Ontario)?

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7/30/2020 3:19 pm  #2

Re: Prepackaged Tuna & Chicken

My wife was able to source Clover Leaf brand tuna pouches for a week long trip we are starting on Monday at a Metro store here in Ottawa.


7/30/2020 8:18 pm  #3

Re: Prepackaged Tuna & Chicken

Thanks @yellowcanoe

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