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6/09/2020 12:05 pm  #1

Sawyer Mini 'upgrade'

First off, I love my Sawyer Mini. What I don't care for is the Sawyer squeeze bags. I have split 2, and punctured 1. How about other Sawyer users, same experience? FYI, As a work around, I found a 710ml plastic Coke / Diet Coke bottle has the same threads. Light, can be crushed pretty flat, and is almost bulletproof. Any other (non hanging) workarounds?


6/09/2020 2:55 pm  #2

Re: Sawyer Mini 'upgrade'

I've used an Evernew collapsible water bottle for the last 3 years. They weigh almost nothing, have sizes up to 2L and work with Sawyer products. Highly recommended.


6/09/2020 3:12 pm  #3

Re: Sawyer Mini 'upgrade'

I have a Mini and love it for hiking & solo canoeing trips where weight is more of a consideration.
I, too, usually just use a soda bottle (500ml for me) - just fill the bottle, screw on the Mini and suck away.
Bag failure is a not unfrequent complaint if you search the web but I have never had an issue with them. My feeling is that those who experience a bag failure are likely trying to force the water through faster than capacity. It is not the fastest filtering method.


8/19/2020 10:51 pm  #4

Re: Sawyer Mini 'upgrade'

I bought the 2 gallon bag for group camping. I leave the mini connected to the bag, and lie it flat on a bench with the filter cap on. When someone wants water, they can take the cap off, sit on the bag, and fill their bottle in about 10-20 seconds. I fill the bag maybe once a day or so. Doesn't get easier. So far no issues with bag rupture, even with my 240lb frame.


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