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3/29/2016 12:56 pm  #18

Re: New Camera!

Do you use a filter+hood all the time? Which should I buy first? I didn't plan on spending much after I bought the lens, but I guess if I have to I will.


3/29/2016 1:14 pm  #19

Re: New Camera!

My hoods never come off my lenses.  I like the added security and when hiking etc., it helps keep stray branches and stuff from rubbing across the front element and potentially scratching it.  My UV filter stays on all the time but my polarizing filter is not used very much (although I should use it more for landscapes etc).

Hoods can normally be bought for about $25 depending on the lens.  The link you provided from Amazon for your lens shows a hood that sells for $13.  What were you aiming to use the filter for?  Like Kayamedic said an ND filter is nice for shooting in brighter conditions and will help you get nice smooth waterfalls etc.  A graduated ND is good for landscapes etc but they are by no means necessary.  I bought my UV filter for my 70-200 more to protect the front element.  I have a circular polarizing filter I use on my 24-70 to help make the blues pop in skies and reduce blown highlights from reflective surfaces, but I don't honestly use it that much. 

In my opinion if you were just wanting to protect your lens a bit, I would opt for the hood over a filter.   I don't think it would be worth putting on a $100 plus filter on your lens, but again that is just my opinion.   If you are thinking of the filter for more creative reasons as opposed to protective reasons, then I get that, but for protection I don't think it would be worth the cost.  If you are careful with your lens and treat it right, it should serve you just fine


3/29/2016 5:43 pm  #20

Re: New Camera!

From now on.. get the best lenses you can afford. There are lenses that are compatible with Rebel line and the more "advanced" Canon cameras
At this point you probably know that you are now a Canon person..  Nothing wrong with Nikon but from now on you will be buying lenses that will also fit future cameras.

And take that camera everywhere now Shoot every day. Then you get a sense of compositon and really enrich your life by noticing texture, shape, arrangement and light.. Try shooting the same thing at different times  of the day.

The best light IMO is early and at almost dark.. Get so used to your camera that you know how to operate it in the dark.. This avoids fumbling while the light or shots escapes.  I know at first I missed many opportunities. Also just study your wildlife. I am  having no success at getting birds hiding in their shelter tree. I need to go sit and have  my camera preadjusted and just be still and wait.  I can't just run out and expect them to cooperate.

Shoot in the rain too. Close ups of plants really pop in color then

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3/30/2016 8:16 am  #21

Re: New Camera!

So far I have never had my sensor cleaned.....maybe I should.  I've had the camera for a long time now, I don't even know how long, probably close to ten years.


3/30/2016 8:24 am  #22

Re: New Camera!

Ya you can buy the cleaning kit from Henry's or a place like that for about 20 bucks.   It usually includes a liquid cleaning solution and a few swabs.  If you should at wider apertures the sensor dust spots are very hard to notice but once you shoot at narrower apertures you will see pretty quickly if you have a dirty sensor.


3/30/2016 1:28 pm  #23

Re: New Camera!

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3/30/2016 3:44 pm  #24

Re: New Camera!

Hard to argue with that price!  That should offer you some piece of mind in terms of protecting your lens...


3/30/2016 9:00 pm  #25

Re: New Camera!

If you're in the market for a telephoto lens for wildlife, Henry's in Barrie has a 150-500mm Sigma lens on for $850ish for a few more days.  I picked up a 150-600 there today, but seriously considered the 500 for my Canon 80D.


3/31/2016 8:22 am  #26

Re: New Camera!

Just a tip in terms of buying from Henrys...they will price match any Canadian store.  If you go to this website and enter the item you want, it will spit out a list of all camera shops across Canada that sells that item and their listed price.  Take the lowest price over to Henrys and they will price match it.  I bought a flash last year that Henrys had for $650.  A shop out in BC had it for $475.  I brought that into Henrys and they were happy to price match.  Pretty decent savings!


4/19/2016 12:02 pm  #27

Re: New Camera!

I am now using the hood and UV filter I posted above. Seems like a really good product for the price. :-)
Now I have to get a photo editing program for my computer. :-P

Took this picture from about 50 feet back yesterday.


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4/19/2016 8:48 pm  #28

Re: New Camera!

And then you can photoshop some hair onto that moose.


4/20/2016 3:59 pm  #29

Re: New Camera!

Googles NIK software is now free. I think it can operate stand alone though I use it with Photoshop.


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