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9/25/2019 6:46 pm  #1

A question of posting pictures .

Please bear with me on this Old Fart question ..... I used an abacus in grade school.
The old photobucket thing isn't working fer me lately .
Aware of the subscription thing , but was wondering of other options .
Have noticed a sad looking Mr. Potatoe head type character showing up on threads in place of past posted pictures .
A tiny picture google thing ..... what's the story on that ?
Any suggestions there folks ?


9/26/2019 8:32 am  #2

Re: A question of posting pictures .

Hi John,

I just posted a reply to the Where In AP thread and I used the "upload" button effectively.  It opened a window that allowed you to either drag an image file from a folder on your computer or to paste a web url of a photo. I used the drag feature and it worked fine for me.  I know these have been finicky in the past, however!



9/26/2019 8:28 pm  #3

Re: A question of posting pictures .

Hi John, I was recently having iffy results as well.  Since this forum uses https://imgbb.com/ I created an account there to upload photos there first.  Still had trouble until I got some help from Barry and you can find my successful results two posts previous to yours in this section: 
Hover mouse over image and click right-mouse-button, then click on 'copy image address'.

 .. and then paste image address directly into image input field.:  

extra note: the input field is the icon at the top that says "Image" when you hover over it.

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9/26/2019 11:05 pm  #4

Re: A question of posting pictures .

When Photobucket held everyone's photos for ransom I set up a free Flickr account and have not had a problem since. 
Click on the share arrow, BBCode set your resolution and copy and paste the displayed link and you are good to go.
Hopefully with Flickr being owned by google, it will be around for a while.
this is Medium Resolution.
Upload Crop by Rob Howes, on Flickr


9/27/2019 10:08 am  #5

Re: A question of posting pictures .

Thanks fer the suggestions folks . Have used photopail fer the last tens years ....... getting a little pricey fer my needs .
Will give imgbb and flickr a go .

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