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9/05/2019 6:40 pm  #1

The Quest for Susan Lake

Hi Everyone,

I got out for a day trip over Labour Day and went up into some of the lakes to the Northwest of Canoe Lake. It was an awesome day, saw some new lakes, sank into some new mud, all in all, a nice way to spend part of the long weekend. Even better is that my leg held up really well, so I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend's two nighter out of the Rock Lake access point. 

Here's the link to the report, hope everyone had a great Labour Day:



9/06/2019 5:43 am  #2

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

"...shallow enough to have had a speaking role in Clueless."

Good stuff, man.


9/07/2019 8:31 am  #3

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

I could see it working out very nicely with Clif Bars.  You would write some interesting copy for them, something like this:  "After that portage we sat for a moment to enjoy our Clif Bars.  Clark plucked leeches off his bloody legs, while I pieced together my theory of why one traveler would have three canoes with him....hoarder?....pirate?....."

Another great report Drew. Somehow you make slogging through muck sound appealing.


9/07/2019 1:01 pm  #4

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

Yep, another fun read thanks!  Hoping you can answer a couple of questions:

Have you tried all 3 Backcountry Wok meals?  I'd pick the green curry but assuming all 3 are good.  Would one pouch fill an adult after a long day or would you say a pouch and a half?

Can you see the Mowat ruins you visited from the creek?  Wandered around there with my daughter a few years back and didn't see what you have in your pictures but maybe we weren't far enough up Potter.  And if not visible from the water is it where Jeff has marked the "former lumber mill" on his v.5 map or somewhere else?  Thanks



9/09/2019 12:12 pm  #5

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

Thanks guys!

GordK, I have (now) tried all three. I had Bibimbap this past weekend. Of the three, I think my favourite is the green curry. It's got some spice to it, but not an excessive amount. The original fried rice is good. I'd probably put the bap at third. It's fine, but I like the other two better.

They're great hot lunches, but one bag wouldn't be filling enough for me for dinner. You'd probably need one and a half, or just supplement with something else.

I don't think you can see the Mowat ruins from the creek. They're just south of the broken down log bridge that spans the Creek, on the west shore. While the ruins aren't visible, you can see the remains of a concrete ... dock? right at the water's edge beside a pretty obvious clearing that makes for a good place to pull up your boat. I believe these are what are marked as the lumber mill site on Jeff's Map

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9/10/2019 1:32 pm  #6

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

Thanks!!! Very entertaining as usual; I guess it's somewhat disturbing that your misery is entertainment for me but. . . . . . . . . . . .
Hope to hear (or read) more soon


9/17/2019 2:35 pm  #7

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

Found the mill, thanks for the pointers.  That is an interesting concrete pier/winch (?) in the creek.  I'm guessing they used to haul logs toward the mill maybe.  Anyone know?

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9/17/2019 5:27 pm  #8

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

GordK, I can't see your photos. Am i alone in this? Maybe someone else could chime in and let me (us) know.


9/17/2019 7:12 pm  #9

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

Bummer.  The uploader (imgbb) wasn't working so i reduced size and tried again.  They show on my screen but maybe because they are cached on my system. Will take another shot at it in the test area. 


9/17/2019 7:14 pm  #10

Re: The Quest for Susan Lake

Hopefully successful this time:

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